Are there any rules to punish students?

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People begin to pay more attention to education and realize that education can cultivate talents.However, people are demanding the teacher’s teaching and moral level, but will not have any punishment for children ———— unclear school aspects of the child’s punishment, of course, also let a lot of teachers helpless, can only do the Buddha department of the teacher.Relative to the students, the teacher is the leader, the children have absolute control, of course, if the teacher bully students, students really can not refute.It’s as if the boss is giving the employee the slip, and the employee can only speak up and get angry, but has no strategy to deal with it.The school does not allow students to have mobile phones in case some indecent pictures are taken.Even if a student has brought a mobile phone, the teacher will take care of it and not let them use it.However, when students make other mistakes, teachers have few forceful ways to punish them.After all, neither the law nor the Code of Conduct for High School students stipulates how teachers should punish students.Logically speaking, the teacher should not punish students, at most criticism of education, can not be punished standing, running circles, writing, labor, etc., more can not beat and scold students, so as not to produce campus violence.In other words, according to this view, there are only teachers who cannot teach, and there are no students who cannot be educated.Students can always be educated through normal educational means, and the teacher corporal punishment students, must be the education method is wrong, also must be the teacher’s education ability has a problem, to be investigated by students or parents.Of course, more students and parents chose to endure, also let the matter in the past, is equal to did not happen.If a student or parent decides to hold the teacher and school accountable, the teacher or school will be on the hook.Parents do not all look at teachers with awe, but some parents will look at teachers with colored glasses, think that teachers are not qualified, and even teachers should treat students differently, especially for the children of parents who wear colored glasses, to treat them differently.So, the parents will not do, and even let the children deliberately trouble, deliberately and the teacher difficult.After all, most of the students are minors, and the teachers are adults, so they can’t do anything to the students or use any punitive measures.The law is not clear, teachers have to do what one can.If a student does not pay attention to the class, the teacher criticizes the education and the student corrects, of course, it is the ideal state;If the students do not correct, still go their own way, the teacher will increase the criticism, and even some teachers can not bear it, move hands and feet.So, the teacher’s behavior is excessive, and the student seems to be the target of injustice, of coercion, of violence.The student seems to be innocent and the teacher will be held responsible.The student belongs to the minor, is not sensible, the teacher is the adult, is not sensible?Even if a student breaks the law, he or she gets off lightly because of the Minor Protection Act, and there is no teacher law to protect a teacher who breaks the law.A teacher should act within his capacity and not punish his students at will.But punishment still exists, and as long as there are no serious consequences, students and parents don’t dig into it.Punish students approach the key middle school, the easier it will be hidden, will be tricky, and even many parents want their children to key schools accept punishment, after all, on the face, said the focus on the children of their own schools, compared with those on the ordinary high school kids to master, even if be punished, “formal education”, also have to face, after all,Teachers have produced many excellent students with these punishments, and there is no shortage of this one.That is to say, students and parents admire key middle schools, and even pay money to go to key middle schools, depending on others, of course, will not care about the teacher’s punishment.If you didn’t want to go to a key school, you could leave at any time, and you weren’t asked to send your child there. Only students who had excelled and had passed the score of a key school in an exam could go there.As a result, students and parents are superstitious about key middle schools, and will accept the education of key middle schools, including the punishment measures of key middle schools.And for the general school, students and parents are not very important, and even some muddle along, as long as the child can read down on the line, do not ask to take an examination of high scores —————— even if required to take an examination of high scores, children can not take an examination of.If a child is being bullied at school, the parent will stop and go to the school for redress.Of course, with the popularization of the spirit of the rule of law, people know that teachers can not casually corporal punishment students, if corporal punishment students will face the danger of suspension.So, are there any specific measures to punish students?Of course not, not even.In some rules and regulations, there will only be the words of teacher education, but there is no specific punishment measures.Some will say that students are all children, or to quote the doting classic “He’s still a child.”So, under the cover of such words, of course, the children have no scruples, think parents in the back, will make a mistake, but also talk back to the teacher, the teacher was angry enough, the child is ok, even deliberately make trouble, the teacher also took him no way.Isn’t that overkill?Corporal punishment of students was hidden in the past, but now corporal punishment of students should be exposed, and teachers should take responsibility, but there are no rules of punishment to restrain students’ behavior, of course, let some students unbridled.And the department of education in these aspects deliberately play word games, language unclear, can only let the teacher and school aspects of their own look at do, their own grasp the sense of propriety, so, even the sense of propriety are not, how to grasp?After all, the education authorities stipulated that teachers could use necessary disciplinary measures against students instead of punishment.So what is the necessary punishment?Are there specific measures and quantitative standards?Of course not, it also spawned a lot of students in the school ignorant, even teachers dare to contradict, of course, there is no fear.So, is it the sadness of the students, or the teachers, or the education system?Maybe, for some parents, it’s a surprise.