A writer’s Journey through The Olympics

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As a writer who has lived in Beijing for more than 50 years, the Winter Olympic Games are being held on my doorstep, and I feel so happy.In preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I wrote a long reportage entitled China under the Five Rings Flag.This time, I wrote “China Winter Olympics” again, completing a writer’s “double Olympic journey”.I can’t forget those places with ice and snow.In Harbin, I covered the development of speed skating, ice hockey and freestyle skiing.In Changchun and Jilin city, I interviewed the results of combining “Ice and Snow Sports into School” with Olympic education.In Hegang and Jixi, I interviewed ski coaches at grass-roots level.In Beijing Haituo Mountain, I covered the progress of site construction of Yanqing Competition Area;Qiqihar, “The city of Ice hockey in China”, and Qitaihe, “the hometown of short track speed skating in China”, have left my footprints.In Heilongjiang, I explored how snow and ice sports could drive economic development;In Zhangjiakou, I dig into the story of how the Winter Olympics have promoted the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.Speaking of Zhangjiakou, there is a small episode: the predecessor of my Alma mater Beijing 101 Middle School, Shanxi-Cha-Ji Border Area Joint High School, came from Zhangjiakou.I managed to find the address with some difficulty, and on the evening of the end of the interview, I went to my destination hungry and visited the history museum and the classroom.Writing about China’s Winter Olympics, for me, may also be partly out of a wish to the people of Zhangjiakou old Revolutionary base area.I will never forget those who moved me and pushed me forward.During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I interviewed hundreds of Olympic stadium builders, designers, athletes, coaches, training partners, volunteers, meteorologists, environmental experts, journalists, sports organizers, security experts and torchbearers.During the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, I interviewed more than 200 winter Olympics people.I was there during the construction of the bird’s Nest, water Cube and Ice Ribbon, the landmark buildings of the Olympic Games.During the Spring Festival 16 years ago, I ate steamed buns with the builders of the water Cube in a tin room.Sixteen years later, I had a boxed lunch with the construction workers at the Yanqing Winter Olympic Stadium.Every interview was an ascetic pilgrimage, and I needed to listen to each interviewercarefully, dig deep, and get into their hearts.Han Xiaoyan, the builder of safety management in the competition area, and his dying father;Liu Wenhao, the director of the National Alpine Skiing Center, whose children can only look for their father on the TV news;CAI Zhizhou, an environmental expert of the Ministry of Transport who is suffering from cancer and running about in Yanqing Competition area for a long time;Ye Qiaobo, China’s first Olympic Winter Games medalist, who “went out with ice skates and triumphed in wheelchair”;Wu Dajing, the short track speed skater who fought hard to win glory for his country;Qiqihar ice hockey coach Zhou Yudi…I have a precious notebook, and every time I interview an Olympic figure, I ask them to write a paragraph in the notebook.Olympic champion Deng Yaping, “ice ribbon”, “ice Cube” design chief Zheng Fang and other people’s inscriptions, the whole book.Every time I flip through this notebook, IT’s like reliving history all over again, the struggles, the dedication, the passion.If, when the interview process of preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games, I have witnessed the Chinese practice, carry forward the Olympic spirit of positive efforts and contributions, so, the Beijing Olympics for more than four years of field research, then let me feel the ice and snow sports big beauty, ice-snow athletes hard, sports organizers and coach’s great work,Beijing Winter Olympics to “300 million people on ice and snow” promotion.”China Winter Olympics” is my 17th reportage. God gave me the opportunity to approach, contact and understand the world ice and snow sports, who knew nothing about the Winter Olympics.Everywhere I went, all the builders, designers, athletes, coaches, environmental experts, PE teachers, sports organizers, Olympic educators and patriotic Overseas Chinese gave me warm and selfless help.I also traveled thousands of miles to eight countries in Europe and North America to watch world-class ice hockey games and chat with foreign friends. I learned about the sports situation in powerful countries with ice and snow sports, and deeply felt that ice and snow sports can drive the development of ice and snow economy.Since Beijing won the bid to host the winter Olympics in 2015, 346 million people have participated in snow and ice sports nationwide by October 2021, with 24.56 percent of residents participating, realizing the goal of “300 million people enjoying snow and ice”.This is Beijing’s preparation for the Winter Olympics played a leading role.Take Heilongjiang as an example, Qitaihe city main grasp short track speed skating, Qiqihar city main grasp ice hockey, Jixi city main grasp cross-country skiing, Hegang city main grasp alpine skiing, Jiamusi city and Daqing city main grasp speed skating, Heihe city main grasp biathlon, Harbin City Acheng District main grasp halfpipe skills…Heilongjiang province has the highest participation rate of ice and snow sports in China, with nearly 60% of residents participating in ice and snow sports.In terms of the number of participants, Shandong and Jiangsu ranked first.Jilin province, located in the world’s golden latitude of snow and ice, is one of the world’s three major powder snow bases. 59 high-quality snow resorts have been built, and their target is 100.In the past, many Chinese people liked to go to high-quality ski resorts in foreign countries. Now, many high-quality ski resorts have been built for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which greatly attracts skiers.The Winter Olympics also promoted the “south exhibition, west expansion and east expansion” of ice and snow sports to “four seasons”, ice and snow sports are gradually breaking the restrictions of region and season.I know every ice rink in Beijing.This Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger, seems to be getting even hotter on the ice as people celebrate the Winter Olympics.In Shichahai Ice Rink, in the Summer Palace ice Rink, in bayi Lake ice rink, an endless stream of tourists, people enjoy playing on the ice…On that day, looking at the smiling faces of people in the snow and ice, I was filled with emotion as I remembered my “Double Olympic Trip”.Fill in a poem and send “The Central Cuo” : honest heart and soul leaning on the clear sky, in the red snow.Plant lanterns in front of the hall and laugh at the cold wind.Winter unbeaten, the truth stubborn, proud roar in the sky.In full bloom, why young?Ang head distant see jing Hong.(Author: Sun Jingyan)