Xiangdun public bicycle: Spring Festival “physical examination” to help low-carbon travel

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Xiangdun public bicycle company maintenance class maintenance staff is repairing vehicles.(reporter Wu Shan) taken on February 11, xiangtan online inquiry (xiangtan daily reporters Wu Shan correspondent Chenhui) a few days ago, zhang xiaoyu, young inspection are heavily against the bitter cold wind came to hedong avenue near the motor city, go to the front of the a bicycle site, began to seriously check every cycle, brakes, chain, bibcock, foot…Not a single detail is missing.She must strictly guard a line of defense for citizens to travel safely and eliminate hidden dangers in time.This year is the fifth year that Liu na has been working at Xiangtan Xiangdun Public Bicycle Service Co., LTD. “This Spring Festival is the same as previous years. I am still on duty as planned and working with my colleagues during the Spring Festival.”In the xiangdun public bicycle company’s maintenance warehouse, maintenance team leader Liu Zhengqiang is leading team members to fine repair faulty bicycles.Liu zhengqiang has been working at the company since it was founded and has spent every year “on the job” for the past six years.According to this year’s schedule, he will lead the shift on New Year’s Day and work an hour longer than usual.Liu Zhengqiang told us with a smile, their posts do not have the concept of holidays, are in accordance with the schedule, the Spring Festival shift, they have to carry tool bags, through the site inspection and inspection reported vehicle failure, timely maintenance of faulty vehicles, put an end to the “sick car” on the road.”Our team is very experienced teachers, generally small faults can be dealt with in time at the site, if you do encounter a particularly difficult problem, call the dispatch team to tow the broken car back to the warehouse for maintenance.”Liu Zhengqiang said that the site control of the main area of the battery has dozens of pounds of weight, if the battery ran out of power, they must also use electric vehicles to drag the battery back to the warehouse to charge, this work is more physical, if the weather, also pay special attention to prevent safety problems.It is understood that there are 33 maintenance staff in the class. Considering the long rainy and snowy weather during the Spring Festival this year, according to the company’s work deployment, in order to ensure the normal operation of public bikes and shared McLe-bikes, 16 maintenance staff will be arranged every day during the Spring Festival, which is equivalent to two days on a shift, and 24-hour standby.”The public bikes and moped bikes have undergone major maintenance this year, and the current condition of the bikes is quite good. Citizens can ride with confidence.”According to Luo Shiquan, deputy director of the operation and business Department of Xiangdun Public Bicycle Company, the company has completed seasonal maintenance work from November 8, 2021 to January 10, 2022, replacing the whole vehicle, braking system, rotation system and worn and aging parts.According to statistics, the maintenance of a total of 39 replacement parts, a total of 6593.At present, xiangtan has 464 public bicycle stations with 10,000 public bicycles.There are 986 moped sharing stations and 12,500 moped sharing stations, which can basically meet the low-carbon travel requirements of the general public.The Spring Festival of this year will be dominated by low temperature rain and snow weather. In case of extreme weather, the wechat official account of Xiangdun Public Bicycle Company will release the suspension information in time. At that time, the company can only return the bike but not borrow the bike.Please pay attention to the public number of “Xiangtan City public bicycle” in time, pay special attention to traffic safety during the riding, wear helmets correctly and prohibit the vehicle carrying people.If you encounter problems while using the vehicle, you can call the 24-hour customer service hotline 5555 50077.>> Return to xiangtan online home page