Wrong topic this revolution, fire, answer questions, arguing

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Did not think of, “cancel the wrong topic this, refuse trouble, do so, save trouble, save time, save effort, raise points efficient” article, overnight fire.Up to now, for a new resident, toutiao platform system push hundreds of thousands of times, read nearly tens of thousands of times, like and increase the number of fans more than 1,000 times, thank toutiao platform and readers, fans and friends for their attention and support!”Cancel the wrong topic this” article, is I walk the whole country study method guidance process, listened to all kinds of feedback from teachers and students, parents of primary and secondary schools, repeated thinking, creative and design.Mainly want to break the solidified thinking, focus on solving the problem of everyone’s reaction, remove students to use the trouble of correcting errors.After the release of the article, we through private letters, comments, put forward a lot of questions, summarize and comb, focus on the following reply, in order to look forward to throw a stone to attract jade, hope that the netizens together to give advice, the children use the trouble of the wrong topic completely solved :1, primary school students suitable to use this wrong topic correction sorting method?The answer is yes: of course.However, the use of the process, because the child is small, need to remember two points, one is to correct in time, two is not easy to accumulate too much paper (loose leaf).Otherwise, it is not conducive to stimulate ta’s interest in learning, is not conducive to ta to establish self-confidence, is not conducive to the development of TA’s good learning habits.2. Isn’t it better to print the wrong page directly and correct it repeatedly?3. Isn’t it easier to sort out the wrong pages of the paper separately?4, high school students many papers, a week to accumulate a lot of, this method will accumulate into a mountain, not more trouble?In view of the following three problems, I feel: first, the more papers, the more need for systematic sorting;As long as in time arrange, paper much also won’t be too troublesome.Second, correcting errors in the original background of maintaining errors is conducive to the comparative analysis of errors and positive solutions, and it is easier to thoroughly grasp errors.Three, keep the previous papers systematic, systematic error correction, systematic sorting, systematic review, brain and hands, once and for all!Four, often through the previous catalogue association, is a more simple and efficient review method.Five, through the setting of white pages at the back of the paper, easy to focus on the strengthening of the wrong questions training, more conducive to the thorough grasp of the wrong questions, but also to ensure that no mistake twice.Six, systematic correction of errors, more conducive to the final exam, graduation exam, primary and secondary school entrance examination before comprehensive review.Seven, separate printing error page, waste of paper, is not conducive to thinking back to the wrong background, is not conducive to a thorough grasp of the wrong topic, is not conducive to systematic review.Eight, similarly, sorting out the wrong questions alone is not conducive to thinking back to the wrong background, not conducive to a thorough grasp, but not conducive to systematic review.Finally, add a sentence, in order to facilitate the long-term preservation of children’s papers and loose-leaf, it is best to choose a large paper such as brown paper, give the paper whole beautiful and easy to wear “book cover”, and then put in the file box.Because “book cover” is not easy to wear, do not install the file box can also.Welcome everyone to have a better way to share, so that more people benefit!With good habits of learning method, crack “teachers, parents education children how to do ten thousand” problem, remove parents, teachers education children’s anxiety, very simple, please continue to pay attention to!Welcome to share comments, questions, everyone to do a little public welfare activities, so that more children out of learning difficulties, against the students with excellent grades!