When “Tibet Qinglan” met “Spring Festival Red”, daxiang public security to escort the Spring Festival safety

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Tiger fook lam moon, sunset mora resigned, er, the fireworks in the year after year to celebrate the New Year, family reunion moment of joy is such a group of “not putting in” solemn badges, they head wearing a purplish blue uniforms patrol, ShuDu chang bao, service people guard patrol lights safe hand public security prevention and control of all the people of the auxiliary police further intensify social patrol,The “1,3 and 5” rapid response mechanism will be implemented by combining vehicle patrol with walking patrol. At the same time, the “four” mechanism of joint patrol by public security and armed police will be strictly implemented to effectively improve the rate of street police presence and deterrence, so as to maximize the harmony of public security in the jurisdiction.In order to ensure the safety of people’s travel during the holidays, daxiang public security combined with the actual traffic situation, in the area of key sections of the police scientific layout, command and dredge key traffic hub traffic order, to ensure the continuous safety and smooth road traffic.Epidemic prevention and control With the increase of people coming to And returning to Shao during holidays, the pressure of epidemic prevention and control continues to increase. The Public Security Bureau of Daxiang actively cooperated with relevant departments in epidemic prevention and control, earnestly implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements of “preventing importation from abroad and preventing rebound from within”, and made every effort to create a safe and stable atmosphere during holidays.Safety inspection During the Spring Festival, in order to further strengthen the public safety management work, daxiang public security units jointly with relevant departments, strengthen the area of shops fireworks and firecrackers and other dangerous goods safety supervision, resolutely eliminate safety hidden dangers, build tight safety prevention network.Daxiang public security body civilian auxiliary police hidden blue figure shuttling in the streets, heavy traffic, and the festive Spring Festival red intertwined into the festival of the most beautiful peace “police” color!