Story: Hunan eldest brother found his daughter is not his own, after identification, his wife still does not admit: he made a mistake

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Article | Yang chai said history editing | Yang chai said history blood relationship is one of the most wonderful exist in the world.It is not a substance that can be seen or touched, but it has a wonderful connection in the invisible.With the same blood flowing in our bodies, we are always attracted to each other unconsciously, want to be close to each other, and often have inexplicable telepathy, which is family affection.But sometimes companionship can be just as effective.Relationships can be cultivated gradually, so that over time, it is hard to tell whether the bond between us and our families is the mysterious power of blood or the unique charm of time.Have you ever thought, if one day, you suddenly learned that the family you have been getting along with for many years and they do not have any blood relationship, what will be the mood and feeling?In recent years, the pace of life in cities has been getting faster and faster.In this situation, many new occupations emerged, Courier, delivery boy, runner.They quickly integrate into the fast-paced life of the city, become an indispensable part of the city, for the normal development of society to contribute to an indispensable force.It is said that the actor is a “youth rice” industry, but these by selling physical strength in exchange for labor fees is not the occupation?In youth they earn their wages by expelling their physical strength;When old, they hand hold physical examination sheet, rush about in the major hospitals to treat the sequelae left by hard work.Liu Yongchao is one of many food delivery workers in Changsha.He leaves home at eight o ‘clock every day and comes home around ten o ‘clock at night.With fewer orders in the morning, he works more leisurely;But starting at noon, orders surge, leaving little time for water breaks for delivery workers.Whether it is cold winter or hot summer, he has to rush between the streets of the city, racing against time to send a single to customers, bowing and scraping for customers to give him a good reputation.According to Liu, he has a very lively daughter, and her daughter is all that motivates him to work hard in life.”She gave me the strength to live, and when I’m not doing my job right, I feel empowered to do whatever I want when I have a daughter to feed at home.”In fact, Liu’s home is not in Changsha, but in Zhuzhou.Changsha city’s comprehensive salary must be higher than Zhuzhou, he and his wife decided to work in Changsha to earn money, his wife and daughter together in Zhuzhou.So liu went to Changsha alone and rented a small warehouse here.The warehouse was small and full of goods, except for a small sofa in the middle of the room.Liu said he spends more time outside every day, but in fact he doesn’t spend much time at home. With such a small sofa, he can cover himself with a quilt and have a rest.”If I suffer more, my daughter will suffer less.It is nothing for adults to suffer a little, as long as the child can grow up healthy and happy, I feel at ease.”Between words, can hear liu eldest brother to daughter’s pet.Liu eldest brother frankly said, in fact, this marriage is not his first marriage.A few years ago, he was forced by his family to become a live-in son-in-law.After marriage Liu eldest brother just discover, ex-wife does not have fertility.But Liu eldest brother’s dream is to have a child of his all the time, no matter it is a boy or a girl, as long as his blood inheritance goes on enough.Then, Liu eldest brother proposed divorce to ex-wife, ex-wife also very readily agreed.After the divorce, Liu eldest brother in the acquaintance of the introduction of the current wife.At the age of 40, Liu finally got his wish and got a baby girl.Although liu was not very old at the time, he still felt that he was getting a baby girl at the age of 40.Therefore, he dotes on her as the apple of his eye.Although his own material conditions are not very good, but he still do everything to give his daughter the best.Not long ago, Liu suddenly found a video in his wife’s mobile phone.”I saw the cover of the video was my daughter and thought it might be a video of my child performing, so I clicked on it.””The content of the video was different from what I expected, and even changed my previous perception.””I just heard Chen Qian (Liu’s wife) in the background telling her child to call another man daddy.””I knew right away that something was wrong. Why would someone make a joke about something like that and record it on camera?”Two people fight greatly for this, Liu eldest brother persecutes the wife to tell the true identity of the child, and the wife accuses Liu eldest brother not to trust him.”Well, tell you, the child is not your own, what can you do?”His wife’s words hit Liu like a bolt from the blue.He felt his blood stop flowing and his insides burst.Although the wife behind has been to explain to himself, then said but angry words, Liu eldest brother or no way to untie the knot.Thinking, Liu eldest brother decided to take the child to do a paternity test in order to peace of mind.But he had no idea that his sixth sense was so accurate.The child is indeed not Liu’s biological child.So Liu eldest brother found the local media, want to ask the media to help mediate in the middle.”I just let out once” a group of people came to Liu eldest brother’s home, found his wife Chen Qian, she was preparing food in the kitchen.Seeing Liu taking a group of strangers home, Chen Qian did not show any surprise or panic, and continued to calmly wash her dishes.The reporters came straight to the point and took out the paternity test results to Chen Qian.Chen Qian had no intention of looking over it.”Do you know the baby is not Liu’s?””The baby is his, and if not his, whose is it?”After learning that her husband had taken their child to have a paternity test, Sister Chen felt very chill and was unwilling to communicate with her husband too much.Sister Chen said the baby was definitely Liu’s.As for the result of paternity test, it must be Liu Eldest brother for someone to forge.”He just wanted a divorce and didn’t want to be responsible for the kids, so he found such a ridiculous way to smear me and the kids.”Liu Eldest brother heard Chen Qian’s remarks, the moment of fire in three zhangs, angrily swore.”I faked it?What do I have to fake?Declare the world that they are green?””The child is not related to me. You told me so yourself, didn’t you?What, are you afraid to admit it now?”Not to be outdone, Sister Chen pointed at her husband with one hand akimbo and the other, “I have never said anything, so don’t talk nonsense.You swear with me, if I’m not telling the truth, I’ll get run over right out the door;But if it’s not true, you’ll be hit by a car.”Liu eldest brother by wife dead duck mouth hard behavior spirit spirit son not dozen one place come, also followed hair poison oath.The war between the two was on the verge of breaking out.One side of the reporter proposed, take the child to do a paternity test again.But Sister Chen would not say anything.”If such an insult is not enough once, must it be repeated again?””How devastated will the child be when he or she grows up and learns he or she has been dragged through two paternity tests?How much did that hurt her?”But in Liu Eldest brother’s view, his wife’s behavior is to escape his mistakes, she did not dare to admit that they had done something wrong, just want to bury the truth.Under liu elder brother’s step by step pressure, Chen elder sister also finally loose mouth.She admitted to having a fight with her husband around the time she became pregnant with their daughter.”At that time, I was out of work and had no job. As my husband, he was not willing to give me any money. Any money I took from him was a loan.””How can a husband and wife calculate their accounts so clearly? I want to go out to play mahjong without money.”Angry, Sister Chen left home and lived in Henan for a while.”I was so angry, I wanted a divorce, and I went out in one of my delirious moments.””But just once, I never doubted the child’s origin.”At this point, Sister Chen burst into tears as if she had been wronged.While wiping tears, she said that she was really not deliberately hide, before this, she has always believed that the child is Liu Eldest brother.”I will be responsible for the child and give An explanation to Liu Yongchao.”One side of liu Eldest brother finally to wait for Sister Chen’s admission, from the bag took out a stack of white paper.”Here are the transfers we’ve made over the years. Let’s figure out everything.””You’re going to pay me for living expenses, for child support, for testing.””Not only that, I want you to compensate me for my emotional distress.”Hear liu eldest brother’s words, just still tears flow more than elder sister Chen’s mood is also instantly ignited.”I will give you what is due, but it is not necessary for you to calculate the account so well. Is it necessary to erase all my contributions because of this one mistake?”Liu said Chen stayed at home all year round and refused to go out to work.Occasionally go out to play a job, earn only enough money for their own expenses, the size of the family affairs, are to rely on him to solve.On the other hand, Sister Chen said that Liu only made money in the past two years by doing takeout.A few years ago, he has been troubled to engage in breeding farms, has been dry has been compensated, all rely on their father support, to help their husband and wife to clear up the mess.In the past two years, Liu eldest brother earned a little money by doing take-out food, but he seldom took it home.With each side arguing its own case, the court will have to wait for its decision.A piece of paper has ruined a happy family.But it’s not the appraisals themselves that do the damage, it’s the people behind them.The beauty and harmony on the surface cannot permanently hide the fact that what is underneath is broken.Liu himself did not know how to deal with the relationship with his children after the blood relationship faded.Whether the charm of time can defeat the power of blood, perhaps one day, they will give us the answer.Note: The picture is from the Internet