Maisie: You pass it!Paris star ignored, 2 shots, 1 post, 1 goal

2022-07-26 0 By

At United, Ronaldo often ran out of space, but lone wolves such as Greenwood and Rashford often failed to pass, frustrating the Portuguese superstar.Similarly, messi’s situation in Greater Paris was not much better, nor did he get many chances to hit the net.This round of home against Rennes, Messi has two forward to prepare to receive, the result mbappe did not pass.But compared to united’s so-called “talents”, Mbappe’s ability is clearly superior, at least he plays his own goal and poses a threat most of the time.In the 40th minute of the first half, Mbappe took the ball upfield and Messi stepped forward to receive it, but Mbappe had no intention of passing the ball. He got away from a defender and fired a shot that hit the post before his teammate’s shot was blocked.Messi had nothing to say when he saw Mbappe hit the net himself.93 minutes in the second half, a greater response, Lionel messi in front after the ball, find and peja inclined plug, after the Argentine star forward, he stretched out his hand and motioned for: you came, but had to ignore, he wanted to hit the door, after the final open Angle shot, the ball into the door of his opponent, help a greater 1-0 victory over rivals.On this counter-attack, Messi shot from a significantly wider Angle and could have scored had Mbappe passed.However, Mbappe is really super capable, 2 times in the penalty area to get the ball, Mbappe in the face of the defenders, chose to start his own foot, finally 1 hit the post, 1 goal, the superstar, does have a reason not to pass.Messi, of course, wouldn’t mind if his teammate did it himself, running over to hug Mbappe after he scored.In Greater Paris, Messi has changed his role from one of playmaking and shooting, as he did in Barcelona.In fact, Messiba had to share the pressure with Mbappe.Now he, happy and relaxed, messi’s football has gone to another level and doesn’t care too much about his stats.