Lynk 05 fair price sales 175,800 welcome to the shop inquiries!

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Welcome to the store to inquire lynk 05 touch technology, details and ingenuity will give you!Exclusive extremely can design to create irregular sense, do you want to experience?Lynk 05 show car has arrived, make an appointment!From now on, we will carry out multiple preferential policies such as “online booking, online car viewing, booking door-to-door test drive, car purchase discount, door-to-door car delivery”. Welcome to call the hotline for details.Bozhou vision Star Run lynk center in the sale of the whole department of the show car test drive have been to the store, online booking test drive, some models have a small number of cars.Bozhou vision Star Run linke Center car purchase policy: 0 interest, low down payment, replacement gift package, car courtesy, multiple good gift waiting for you to take;Its models enjoy (lifetime warranty), vehicle system (lifetime free flow) and (free road rescue service) interested friends can go to the shop to consult to buy.24-hour sales hotline: 400-972-8785.Lynk 05 fair price sales 175,800 welcome to the store inquiries # warm heart guard benefits enjoy courtesy #, the store specially launched the late autumn policy benefits.Through the network to retain capital into the store to find the network sales department, customers enjoy special benefits for large customers.: Customers who enter the store through the Internet can enjoy special benefits.For all models, zero profit, zero down payment, zero interest for phase 12, 24 and 36, one ID card and one driver’s license, two hours to pick up the car.(Support online payment, online installment management) Where customers to shop for car, can enjoy a maximum of 4000 yuan replacement subsidy.Welcome to the store for more than 175,800 price sales of LYNk 05 welcome to the store for more than 175,800 price sales.Catering service: free lunch, health flower tea, free coffee, free snacks.Leisure and entertainment: cable TV, computer, VIP lounge area, children’s amusement and rest area, free wifi, etc.Free pick-up service.Welcome you to consult online, to the shop consultation can enjoy more concessions!