How to send 131 cars to Spring Festival Gala lottery?

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Today is the third day of the Chinese New Year, February 3rd. On this occasion of the Chinese New Year, sandao and Baichequan say team wish you all the auspicious year of the Tiger, everything goes well, this year’s career and family harvest.Although we have a holiday these two days, but I still want to do some content, with you on the Internet together ha Ha ha.To tell the truth, during the Chinese New Year, the theme of the two programs I did not decide in advance, just want to see what is new these days, took to the program to chat.New Year’s Eve evening, I believe we more or less looked at the Spring Festival Gala.This Spring Festival Gala is said to have a new director, which program is the most impressive?If the whole Spring Festival Gala 10 points, we can give a few points?Feel free to talk in the comments section.Spring Festival Gala that night, I was preparing for the New Year’s eve live, there should be a lot of friends to the studio to participate in the interaction.I prepared a dozen gifts for you, I saw several lieutenant general ID is very familiar, should be our old fans.Thank you for your support for my video and live broadcast. I have been doing audio for so many years, and I have to balance video and live broadcast, which is a huge pressure for me, but this is work, and I will be calm after thinking about it.Just like the directors and actors preparing for the Spring Festival Gala, no matter how hard you work, you have to accept the positive or negative comments on the Internet the next day.Anyway, at least on a Spring Festival Gala, mixed a familiar face is actually quite good, even if sprayed I think the state of mind or to put peace, after all, if invited next year Spring Festival Gala, certainly agreed without hesitation, after all, the flow is true, overnight famous shortcut is not much, Spring Festival gala is even one.The next day when I was at the net friend evaluation in Spring Festival gala, met someone talking about the topic of “Spring Festival gala draw car”, a look carefully to find, the Spring Festival gala in addition to a dongping sent out 1.5 billion red envelope, also in 7 round draw with some merchants to provide physical prizes, including auto makers have two, were brought and haze figure cars.Lynk & Co took out 86 units of Lynk & Co 01 and Lanto Auto took out 45 units of Lanto FREE.Of course, not really, just 2 years of use.However, even for the right to use the car, the prize is worth 50,000 to 60,000 yuan if the rental cost is at least 3,000 yuan a month.However, WHEN I read about the discussion on the Internet, it was not very positive.Some netizens said that they would not be able to use it. They already have two cars at home, so it would be a problem to park them anywhere.Another netizen said that if the winner bumps into each other during the two-year period, will he have to buy it himself?Some people don’t even believe it’s a benefit, thinking it’s just a discount given by the manufacturer to get people to buy another car.In fact, this kind of lottery to send the right to use vehicles, indeed some thankless.Chinese people have a special affection for cars, which they regard as their own private property.Don’t buy a car if you don’t have money. Buy a car if you have money.In the early years, even the loan has a lot of people resist, feel that the loan to buy a car is very lost face.Later, it was in the manufacturers of all kinds of 0 interest rate, 0 down payment, discount policy under the stimulus, finally slowly opened the situation.So the lottery to send the right to use vehicles, in the eyes of many people, and do not feel its allure is much.In addition to external claims, some exaggerated ingredients of the business, the most conspicuous position is the “car” two words, mouth broadcast, but also “car” the word said the most simple and clear.If you say, Give me the right to use a car for two years, the effect will be reduced.Therefore, the original consumer on this kind of gameplay is not cold, coupled with the propaganda when the truth is not all said, let the actual effect and greatly discount.But there is no denying that the Spring Festival gala so large flow with “car” when the gimmick will really have a topic, whether the users praise or bad comments, at least let everyone know the lynk and Lantu car these two brands.In particular, LAN Map car, the original visibility is not high, so this year the first exclusive title of Luo Zhenyu’s “Friends of time” New Year’s speech, and then to the Spring Festival Gala “car”, I can see that 2022 should be LAN Map car year, must be to force.Familiar with Luo Zhenyu people know, Luo Fat do knowledge pay is controversial, some people say he is really bad, let the knowledge of people can stand up and make money.But even more people blamed him, thinking he was selling anxiety.Young people living in big cities, who are already stressed, become even more anxious after listening to his content, and then spend their hard-earned money on his classes.It is easy to learn and impossible to do.However, Lao Luo’s APP platform is indeed full of social elites, and those who are willing to pay for his courses are mostly the backbone of the society.LAN Diagram automobile just started the positioning is in 300 thousand up, and the customer portrait of this platform is just consistent.So I think it is understandable to exclusively name Luo Pang’s New Year’s Speech.Not everyone needs this brand, because not everyone can afford an electric car of more than 300,000 yuan, and not everyone is willing to spend more than 300,000 yuan to buy an electric car.So precision marketing is right.The crowd that the Spring Festival Gala faces is different from Luo Zhenyu’s APP.Spring Festival Gala is the BGM of Chinese New Year’s Eve, no matter whether the program is good or not, the main reason is that there is Spring Festival Gala flavor, lively and lively is good.But as far as I know, residents in some coastal cities don’t seem to watch the gala.The gala’s “shake a shake” lottery, which was later counted as a total of 69.1 billion interactions, was extremely exaggerated.Luo Pang, whom we mentioned earlier, also wanted to advertise in the Spring Festival Gala. At that time, the person in charge told him that if your APP daily activity did not reach 100 million, it was suggested not to advertise.Because as soon as chunwan AIRS, your server will crash.Later, that year the winning advertiser is a treasure, the results of a treasure server in the double 11 on the basis of expansion of 3 times, and finally crashed.Backstage one estimates that the amount of incoming data needs to be expanded by at least 15 times on the basis of singles’ Day to hold up.You know, the turnover of a treasure double 11 day is more than 100 billion, you can imagine how strong the advertising effect of the Spring Festival Gala is.Of course, such a strong advertising effect is certainly also sky-high advertising costs.This year’s gala is said to have been watched by an exaggerated 1.272 billion people on multimedia, with an average viewership of 21.93 percent, assuming, of course, that no matter how many channels I switch at home, the pictures are almost always the same.Even when I was driving to work, I turned on the radio in my car and it was all about the Spring Festival Gala.This year, the title advertisement of the midnight announcement of the Spring Festival Gala is “Dream blue M6+”, which is the C position of the Spring Festival Gala advertising, which is the most expensive time point.Although the specific advertising cost is not disclosed, you can refer to 2011, Midea Group won the New Year’s Eve countdown price is 52.01 million yuan, a total of 10 seconds of advertising, that is 5.2 million yuan/second.And in 2005, Midea also won the countdown advertising space, the bidding price was 6.8 million yuan.That’s 8 times in 6 years, so guess what it’s going to be this year, 12 years later.Talk some run off, or back to the Spring Festival Gala car on this matter.In fact, there are still many families who do not own a car, and there are also many families who actually want to buy or replace a new car, but are short of money or have other needs that are more important for the time being.So, for these users, try their luck in the lottery and win a linke 01 or Landu FREE. Isn’t that when you doze off, someone hands you a pillow?At least in my opinion, people who do not know Lynk and Lantu must have deepened their impression through this gala.Just like I never drink, but next time who put a bottle of dream blue M6+ on the table, I certainly feel not cheap, after all, the Spring Festival Gala advertising costs in it.So if the luck really burst, draw one, what do you do next?In fact, it is also very simple, as long as the search in some east or LAN map, into the official flagship store, and then the home page can see the Spring Festival Gala car activities.Click in the need to take the designated goods, in fact, is to pay a deposit, go through a confirmation process.Because the backstage gave you the discount coupon, so lynk here is 49,999.99 yuan to 50,000 yuan.In fact, is to pay 1 cent deposit, the background to fill out their contact information, the rest is waiting for customer service to contact yourself.Lantu automobile is the same, after winning the lottery issued a deduction voucher, and then to the flagship store to pay 1 cent deposit.However, there is a difference between lANTu FREE and LYNk 01, that is, it is an extended range version, which can be refueled and recharged.So, LAN Diagram car also deliberately explained a, 2 years of electricity is also sent, there are insurance and maintenance costs are calculated manufacturers.Lynk and LAN Map on both sides do not send fuel charges, so if you draw LAN Map FREE, only electricity to open, it will save a lot of money.This kind of vehicles only have the right to use, generally are the manufacturer in advance with a good license plate, directly towed to the winning user’s city, Lynk also specially explained that the vehicle is Zhejiang B license plate, the color is random, do not accept to change the color.LAN Map to send the car color is unified, even on both sides of the door, but also affixed “2022 Spring Festival Gala koi car” and then a yellow cartoon tiger head.I wonder if this sticker is allowed to be removed by the owner.If you are not allowed to tear it off, then everyone on the road will look at you with new eyes. This is a big baby that has been selected from more than a billion people, and relatives and friends around will certainly come to congratulate you.Why don’t you pay for dinner when you win such a big prize?Everyone was smug.So MY guess is that if you do win, you’ll want to keep a low profile and try not to have a sticker on your car.But with the license plate, there’s really no way around it.For example, Shanghai users, if selected in the link 01 or LAN Map FREE, it can only use foreign cards in Shanghai local opened.One might ask, well, if I don’t want the prize, can I give it to someone else for a fee?It’s also very clear in the cash flow that the car is for the use of the winner.However, if the winner himself does not meet the requirements of the national laws and regulations for drivers, it is also allowed to transfer 1 time, but can only be transferred to the immediate family (parents/children/spouse), but also need to provide marriage certificate or original hukou as proof materials.This regulation is mainly to avoid risks, after all, the ownership of the car is still in the manufacturer, you just use the right, if you get the car you pay to transfer to others, then in the future accident, the first retrospective responsibility is definitely you.Of course, some people do not want to use such a winning car because they are afraid of having to buy it in case of an accident.As for the accident car, I did not find specific details about how to deal with it after 2 years.However, I believe that if the other party is entirely responsible for the accident, there is no reason for the manufacturer to ask you to buy the car.After all, you haven’t paid the full amount, or even taken out a loan, so it’s not easy to take money out of a lottery winner’s pocket.However, if it is the driver’s full responsibility to cause the vehicle to have a major accident maintenance, or even scrapped.I think it’s more of a payout or buy-out liability.If you find it too much of a hassle, then the winner will automatically cancel if he or she does not redeem his or her rights by February 14th.Ah, this is also happy trouble.In fact, there is another rule to know, that is, when you pick up your car at the store, you need to pay 20,000 yuan deposit.It will be returned in full after 2 years unless there are special circumstances.There is no doubt that special circumstances must include the all-fault accidents I mentioned above.So, the vehicle use of the award threshold or a little, not empty pocket to the store, you can drive away the car.This kind of activity for manufacturers, also hope to minimize the risk, packaging the trouble to a third party to do.Therefore, lynk also mentioned in the description that the winner went to the store and signed an agreement with Lynk Auto Sales Co., LTD and Zhejiang Zhihuahua Financial Leasing Co., LTD.The name on the driving license of Lynk 01 is most likely Zhejiang Wisdom Price Finance Leasing Co., LTD.It doesn’t matter to the user whose name it is.However, it is important to understand the content of the agreement, because it is not the relationship between the buyer and the seller after all. Although it is said that after two years, the winner can buy the car or return the car, but the specific standard of return is very important.If one of your friends wins the lottery, you’d better let your lawyer friends have a look at the agreement.I don’t think many people would give up the right to use it, even if they have two cars at home, it would be worthwhile to sell an old car, run it for two years and then use the money to buy a new one.Unless the family just bought two new cars in the last two years, and then won a new car, it is really unable to drive over, this is really happy trouble.But I am sure he will still go to the prize, because this is a good start to 2022, a very good prize, from feng Shui speaking can not just give up, teeth have to exchange.I this person lifetime luck is not very good, last year bought a Yadi electric car everybody knows, a few days ago I went to install the foot pedal, the boss said one of the screw hole protrudes a piece of metal, belongs to the product quality problem, cannot install.He added in passing, of all the units installed, yours is the only one with a problem.I’m probably one of those people who buys a calendar and takes a month off.Therefore, THIS has also developed my character of never like to take shortcuts. I like to go, and have always been steady as a dog.