“Jadeite” is how lian become

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The Spring Festival is over in the blink of an eye.I believe that many small friends and xiaobian figure, eat a round dumplings.Let’s (Mei) Li (Shi) institute, before we have introduced how to cook dumplings scientifically, make tiger skin, today xiaopian continue to carry forward the tradition, and then introduce a delicious food to you.Said in the all kinds of food, there are such a dish, perfect green, like jade, hot and sour taste, aroma rich, it is indispensable to eat dumplings on New Year’s eve, the soul is again and again to open small make up the appetite of the culprit, is the so-called “remove purple robe into the vinegar pool, jade body become jade quality, it is the leading role of this article, laba garlic.Image | sina blog @ Li Tingyu may have some friend to ask, small make up small make up, all of this over the years how to speak the laba garlic?Well, it’s not until you finish eating that you think of preparing for laba this year.On New Year’s Eve, people all over the country have their own customs to celebrate the festival. In addition to the customs of ancestor worship, sticking Spring Festival couplets and setting off firecrackers, one custom may be a lot of people can’t think of, that is – debt collection.You must have heard of nian Guan, the word nian Guan is a reflection of the custom of collecting debts during the Spring Festival, when one has to pay debts at the end of the year and pass the Spring Festival.Of course, now the New Year also began to have a new meaning, the end of the KPI has not been reached, the New Year or their own a person to go home, to relatives pay New Year’s greetings relatives kill serial ask……There is a saying in Beijing that goes, “The laba porridge that delivers the message, the guandong candy that kills the life, the boiling bobo that saves the life.”Said is the Chinese New Year debt collection trilogy: Laba messengers, tell people that the end of the year is coming, creditors will start to collect debts;On the 23rd day of the 12th month of the lunar New Year, sacrifice to the kitchen to eat kitchen sugar (Guandong sugar), at this time the creditors will stare at the dead, it is to the debtor’s life;Creditors although rational, but also can not be endless, generally to the New Year’s Eve night can not come to the door to collect debt, at this time just eat dumplings, is to save a life.See here must have guessed, laba garlic is also related to debt collection.Chinese New Year is a festive day, direct door to collect debt is rather heartless, so the creditor will give the debtor a pot of laba garlic.”Garlic” “calculate” homonym, debtors see know, this is to liquidate debt.That’s why there’s a popular saying in old Beijing: “Laba porridge, Laba garlic, the messenger who lends money, and the one who owes money.”Now laba garlic is no longer a symbol of debt collection, but we are becoming more and more fond of this delicious dish.On New Year’s Eve to eat dumplings on a plate of Laba garlic, feast for the eyes and appetizer solution greasy, to dumplings to a delicious double.And this bubble laba garlic vinegar is not wasted, vinegar is full of garlic, it is a good condiment to eat dumplings.2 “jade” is how refined into laba garlic pickle steps are not complex, but pickled laba garlic partners must be the same as xiaobian, has a rich experience of turning over.Some years green and some years not green, the pickled Laba garlic really seems to be a mystery.Why does laba garlic turn green?In fact, as early as in the 1990s, there were studies on the mechanism of garlic greening.Garlic greening is a very complex process. It is generally believed that part of the sulfide and specific amino acids contained in garlic go through complex secondary metabolic pathways to generate blue and yellow pigment, presenting green color.Greening does not directly produce green pigments.In the curing process of Laba garlic, it actually produces blue pigment, which is unstable and sensitive to light and heat. Yellow pigment is decomposed over time, and yellow pigment may also be obtained by the reaction of pyrrolidyl amino acid intermediate and pyruvate.Blue pigment mixes with yellow pigment to produce green.Laba garlic pigment uv spectrum.There are two absorption characteristic peaks at 440nm and 590nm, corresponding to the absorption peaks of yellow and blue pigment respectively, and the mixture of the two is green.The decomposition of blue pigment in Laba garlic is relatively rapid, as shown in the experimental measurement results in the figure below. The content of blue pigment decreases rapidly in the first 25 days, and the absorption value of blue pigment is only about 0.1 on the 40th day.Under the same conditions, yellow pigment was more stable than blue pigment. In the first 20 days, the absorbance value of yellow pigment increased instead of decreasing, because the content of yellow pigment was supplemented by the decomposition of blue pigment. After 118 days, the absorbance value of yellow pigment decreased to 0.116.(Note that this is the change of light absorption value of pigment in garlic paste after green change, not the change of pigment content in Laba garlic.)Changes in absorbance values of yellow pigment (440nm) and blue pigment (590nm) of laba garlic paste extract at room temperature during storage period.Therefore, when curing laba garlic, the color change of laba garlic is first blue, then green and then yellow, and will eventually become colorless as time goes by.Xiaobian pickled laba garlic for 13 months, has almost become colorless.It is well known that the harvest season of garlic is in late May every year. What makes garlic need to go through half a year’s storage before it can be put on the table in emerald green clothes?Laba garlic why not August pickled renamed “eight garlic”?The answer is low temperature.Garlic is the phosphorus stem of allium in liliaceae. It has the characteristics of physiological dormancy, and the dormancy period is generally 60 ~80 days.The physiological activity of garlic in physiological dormant period is slow, the disintegration of bulb tissue cell contents, material transport and respiratory consumption will be inhibited, and the green transformation cannot be carried out naturally.Environmental temperature is an important factor determining the length of the dormant period of garlic, if the deep dormant period of the environmental temperature reached about 32 ℃, garlic will stay in the dormant state for a long time, 8 ℃~10 ℃ will promote the germination of garlic in advance, 5 ℃ can quickly remove the dormant period of garlic.Only in the middle of winter, the temperature is low enough to break the dormant period of garlic, so only laba garlic remains, not Baba garlic!So it seems that the southern people do not eat Laba garlic not only because they do not have the custom of eating dumplings, but also because of the high temperature in the south, even in winter can not meet the conditions of pickled Laba garlic ah.1. This first method ah, xiaobian tube it is called good version of the order, in strict accordance with the ancient method of preparation, in line with the tradition.Before and after laba, the purple garlic is peeled, washed and dried, and the complete and full garlic cloves are selected to remove the withered and damaged ones.Put the selected garlic cloves into a clean, oil-free container (to see the change in color of laba garlic, use a clear and colorless container), then pour vinegar until the garlic cloves are covered.Just seal the container and leave it in the shade.If you want to eat laba garlic early, you can also put the container next to the heater, or other warm places. It is usually pickled in more than ten days.2. This second method ah, although it is still the traditional curing method, but all aspects of the precise control, and strive to perfect all the conditions of laba garlic curing.Peel the refrigerated garlic, carefully select the garlic cloves, too small and have scars to discard, clean the garlic cloves with tap water, and rinse with distilled water three times, set aside.The garlic cloves are soaked in 5% acetic acid solution and placed in a 25℃ incubator for 7 days to make laba garlic.Friends may also guess that this method is mainly used in the laboratory, home has this condition of course can also be used.3 chaos evil version of the third method, xiaobian is willing to call it heresy (manual dog head), completely deviate from the tradition, as long as the garlic is green that is laba garlic.In the fumigation method, 500g of refrigerated garlic was placed above the separator of the dryer, and 50mL acetic acid solution (100%) was placed below it at room temperature to prepare fumigated Laba garlic.Theoretically speaking, the fumigation method can produce a more green color of laba garlic, and better maintain the crisp taste of garlic and the physiological function of scavenging free radicals, which is more perfect than the first two methods.How about that? Is that really easy?Year has passed, the weather has not warmed up, low temperature conditions are still in, want to try pickled Laba garlic “zhengba garlic” friends act quickly!Image | @ natural resources: [1] yu-hong wang, soup Gao Qi, Tian Jie, wen-yan wang, Cao Ya, Wang He.[2] BAI Bing, JI Shu-juan, WANG Dong-mei, LIU Yan-ping, JIANG Dong-hua. (in Chinese with English abstract)Laba garlic impact factors and protection of green green element method research [J]. Journal of food science and technology, 2011, 32 (02) : 129-132. The DOI: 10.13386 / j.i ssn1002-0306.2011.02.030. [3], hope liu, wang Dan, Russia, I mayday, Jiang Ying.Different methods of preparing the laba garlic quality comparison [J]. Journal of food science and technology, 2014, 35 (20) : 117-120 + 124. DOI: 10.13386 / j.i ssn1002-0306.2014.20.016. [4] He Baisheng.Focus on Traditional Chinese New Year’s Eve Debt Collection Customs [J]. 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