Electrical engineering is the “first-class discipline construction” of 8 universities, among which 4 are strong

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Electrical majors have always been relatively popular, which is an important basis for the development of production and improvement of human living standards. Nowadays, electrical engineering covers almost all engineering behaviors related to electrons and photons. In the future, the social demand for electrical talents is still large.Below, I would like to share with you 8 universities that are strong or attach great importance to electrical discipline in China.I. Tsinghua University:Tsinghua University is one of the top two universities in China, and also A university characterized by engineering. Its Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronic Technology originated from the Department of Electrical Engineering founded in 1932. The strength of the department’s electrical engineering discipline can be said to be the first in China.It has “State Key Laboratory of Power System and Power Generation Equipment Control and Simulation”.In 2021, Tsinghua university registered 686 points in the science Experimental Class (Physics foundation class) of Hebei Physics Group.A + 2, xi ‘an jiaotong university, electrical engineering, first-class discipline construction of xi ‘an jiaotong university is one of the C9 schools, is also the features of engineering university, the institute of electrical engineering from nanyang public school founded in 1908 motor specialized subject, the school has A long history, is very famous in China also, is the big ace departments, anyone QianJiao xian, has eight graduates to become A member of both houses.In 2021, XI ‘an Jiaotong University registered 651 points in hebei Province Physics Group Engineering Experimental Class (intelligent electrical and Information).Three, Huazhong University of Science and Technology: Electrical Engineering A, first-class discipline construction huazhong University of Science and Technology is China’s engineering characteristics of the university, the strength of the university in the soft science of China has entered the top 10, the school of electrical and Electronic Engineering is also A strong department, the strength is very strong, there are 3 full-time academicians.In 2021, Huake registered 652 points in electrical Engineering and automation major of Hebei Physical Group.North China Electric Power University (NORTH China Electric Power University) has long been under the administration of the State Electric Power Authority and is A university with electric power as its feature. The disciplines of electrical engineering, Power Engineering and engineering thermophysics rank in Grade A and Grade A- respectively.Although its electrical engineering is the construction of “self-determined” first-class discipline, but the electrical itself is its characteristics, and its strength is also very strong, ranking top 4 in The country, employment advantage is also very large.In 2021, Huadian (Baoding) and Huadian (Beijing) will file in the electrical category of Hebei Physical Group with 616 points and 632 points.Zhejiang University: Electrical Engineering A-, First-class Discipline Construction Zhejiang University is one of the top universities in China, second only to North Qing Dynasty, but also A university with relatively strong engineering strength.Founded in 1920, the School of Electrical Engineering of Zhejiang University has a history of one hundred years. At present, there are 3 full-time academicians with good strength.In 2021, Zhejiang University registered 670 points in the engineering experimental class of Hebei Physics Group.Chongqing University is A famous university in southwest China. It is also the former 985 university. Its School of Electrical Engineering is one of the major ace departments, originating from the department of Electrical Machinery founded in 1935.In 2021, I got 627 points in the engineering experimental class (electrical and information) of Hebei Physics Group.Seven, Shanghai jiaotong university, electrical engineering B +, electrical and electronic engineering for the first-class discipline construction of Shanghai jiaotong university is one of the famous second only to the north, is given priority to with engineering schools, electrical class not to hand in the strength of the subject, but also not bad, and was listed in the list of “first-class discipline construction” key construction, is also more cost-effective.In 2021, the minimum filing score of each major in Hebei Physics group is 670.B: eight, hebei university of technology in electrical engineering, since the set of first-class discipline construction is the head of hebei university of hebei university of technology, the only “double top” key construction of colleges and universities, to tell the truth, big river for campus are not in hebei province, its development is relatively limited, the current strength in the “double top” colleges and universities.Although the electrical engineering of Hegong University is not strong in China, it is also a strong major in the university. It has been included in the construction of first-class discipline, and it is expected to develop slowly in the future.In 2021, the lowest filing score of HeTU was 597 in electrical engineering and automation of Hebei Physics Group, and 519 in Electrical engineering and automation of Finland Campus.For more exciting content, come to the forefront of Chinese education