A tenant in a Residential community in Shanghai discussed rent reduction with his landlord, and the landlord won cheers

2022-07-25 0 By

During the pandemic, we all need to work together to fight the epidemic, and many people are mainly thinking about the issue of rent during the pandemic.Recently, a landlord and a tenant in a residential community in Shanghai met in the corridor to discuss what to do about rent reduction during the epidemic. Many tenants applauded when they heard the landlord’s answer.It turns out that many tenants have read online that landlords in other communities have solved the problem of rent during the epidemic, and many landlords have reduced their rent by half or free rent at all.Therefore, when the tenants of this community saw the problem, they immediately contacted the landlord to discuss a solution. The landlord is also a good landlord, who listened to the tenants’ opinions and knew that no one could make much money during the epidemic.The landlord told this group of tenants that they should take into account the policies issued by the state and the actual situation of the local area, and then deal with the problem of rent reduction.When I heard that many tenants are particularly happy, very grateful to the landlord so understanding oneself, not only so, the landlord also said during the outbreak of the two meals a day will be provided to each tenant’s help, if there is no rice, can send a $20 bill subsidies, after hearing all the tenants in clapping thanks to the generosity and compassion of the landlord, at the same time also feel particularly happy,Because this will reduce their own a lot of pressure.After seeing this, many netizens thought that the landlord was really too good, and such a good landlord deserved to make money.Some netizens wonder why all the good landlords belong to others and why they have not met such good landlords.Xiaobian believes that during this epidemic period, we should work together to fight the epidemic. We believe that we can surely defeat the epidemic by working together.