Yang LAN wore a black coat appeared in the street, hair pale slightly show old, but temperament or quite senior

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Time undefeated beauty, describe is Yang LAN such women, every gesture and every step are sending out charming breath.Her vogue wears build style advanced domineer, powerful self-confidence does not worry about years burnish.Today xiaobian will share with you, Yang LAN fashion wear style, together to feel her fashion charm!There are always some women are not afraid of the years, said is Yang LAN such a legendary woman.With a black knee-length coat, the length is extremely picky about the proportion of women’s height, no tall women choose this degree is quite easy to tread on thunder, and the embarrassing situation of low rise.Ms. Yang paired the coat with a gray scarf, hiding the remnants of the scarf’s fabric inside to emphasize the visual layering.Carrying a black bag is similar to a man’s briefcase in that it can hold a lot of small items.Pale hair stands out and shows signs of age.Even if the time of grinding, still did not weaken Yang LAN’s wear domineering sense.Yang LAN fashion wear style appreciation of two Yang LAN in the face of some serious occasions will focus on, dress generally emphasize their respect for the occasion, but also to maintain the dignified and elegant temperament of wearing style.This is also a point that most women need to learn, facing different occasions should also have the corresponding fashion style.Yang LAN matched a gray and white sweatshirt. She pulled up the zipper and folded it at the neckline, revealing the line of the neck, which was particularly in line with the sports, leisure and wearing styles of people around her. It would not be too abrupt and could not be integrated into the public.Add a pair of tight black pants to accentuate your style.Leisure theme.Three Yang Yang fashion wear take a style of appreciation of color belong to healthy and energetic wheat color skin, can easily hold all kinds of fashion colour, but Yang LAN did not initiative to challenge the unpopular some special fashion colour, instead of a return to the initial state, black and white ash is the most often choose Yang LAN, can always see in him this several classic color.The appearance of the airport with a black coat, exposed calf part of the fabric also used the same color, to ensure the color coordination between the upper and lower items.As the most inclusive series in the fashion world, black can wear a high fashion effect without fussy skin color of women.Continue to learn more about Yang’s fashion wear take a style (1) brown dress Yang have a very feminine side, a brown dress collocation, the design of the waist adopted tightening, able to outline the slim waist line feeling, this kind of dress is used the double fold fabric design, can improve overall from the vision of the administrative levels.The fabric has a strong sense of falling, which fits the skin of the human body, highlighting the fit between the single product and the human body, and improving the comfort of wearing.Yang LAN is holding a small silver bag chain element embellished on the surface of the silver, which can ease the monotony of the color, sublimate the whole style of wearing, light up the glossiness of wearing style, and weaken the dull feeling brought by brown.② Black long down jacket cold winter, Yang LAN will pay attention to the temperature, rather than for grace to pursue some too not stick and season fashion items.Facing a long black down jacket matched at the airport, the length of the knee can reveal a small piece of black bottom skirt, the fabric emphasizes the sense of visual layering.Top it with a white turtleneck sweater that won’t mix with the hooded design of a black down jacket.A pair of black shoes on the foot, bright sheen for the whole style to add a bit of advanced tone sense.Yang LAN has proved that even in the cold winter, you can wear a unique fashion effect through some fashion items that the public dislikes.Yang LAN seems to have a special liking for such fashion items as coats. She always chooses coats on a variety of occasions.With a gray coat, both sides of the symmetrical use of a fork design, can be partly hidden to create a sense of mystery, this coat uses the same color belt tied into a bow, for the whole wear style to add a bit of lovely atmosphere, will not affect the overall visual effect of gray depressing feeling.The bag that a gules combines gray is carried on the hand, eased the drab sex of color, the gules that can build inside hit bottom unlined upper garment again, colour photograph echo.The black hair was pulled up, accentuating the presence of dark sunglasses, and looked very aggressive and sophisticated.The above is a variety of styles Yang LAN wear, high-profile and do not lose the characteristics of the trend, infinite magnification of their charm and shine.Today’s sharing is over, women who do not understand the style of wearing in the workplace can learn from Yang LAN’s senior style of wearing, and learn more tie-in experience to improve their level.