Hunan Chemical Industry Vocational Institute held the opening discussion meeting of hunan Vocational college education and teaching reform research project

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Massachusetts moment March 24 – (correspondent Xia Feng) on the afternoon of March 23,, hunan chemical industry professional technology institute of scientific research industry, a school project “2021” in hunan vocational education teaching reform research project opening discussion meeting, 15 project research team and professor Shen Yan kam six experts and scientific research industry, relevant personnel to attend face-to-face,Li Jirui, director of scientific Research Industry Department, presided over the meeting.Tong Mengliang, the vice president of the school in charge of scientific research, explained the project approval situation of the school, congratulated the project team, and proposed to establish a rigorous scientific research attitude, abandon the utilitarian thought of focusing on project approval and neglecting research, and steadily promote the research work.It is necessary to take the research objective as the spur, accelerate the development of high level research results for school education and teaching, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions for the development of professional standards, the development of teachers’ ability, and the promotion of educational informatization.It is necessary to take project research as an opportunity, give full play to the role of team members, form a professional team with stable research direction, and provide better human resources support for the construction of “double high school” and the establishment of vocational education undergraduate course.Chen Chao, the principal of the school, as the host of the key project of the project “The Pilot Research of Vocational College Education Informatization 2.0”, spoke on behalf of the team members about the significance of the project, the research objectives and the implementation plan.Chen Chao pointed out that the school has undertaken several provincial and national teachers’ teaching ability competitions, built the provincial excellent pilot school of education informatization construction and the first batch of demonstration schools of informatization innovation application and other important work experience and rich experience, which gave the school a good background and solid foundation for successful application and later research.Combining the “hunan vocational education informationization development innovation action plan”, in the school of wisdom campus construction make real efforts to promote the favorable conditions, project research work can be strictly from the high standard requirement, work output power quality of school education, hunan vocational education information-based intellectual support for the development of high quality results.In addition, Chen Chao also pointed out that the research team must strictly abide by the financial and scientific research management system, follow the research plan and the actual situation in the project research process, and do a solid job in the project research to promote high-level teaching results.Afterwards, the project team reported the research plan and the preliminary development of each project in groups. The experts made detailed inquiries and professional guidance from the research objectives, framework and methods of the project, and the opening meeting achieved good results.