Han Kesheng: The opening ceremony should be opened with the core elements of Chinese culture

2022-07-24 0 By

The opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing coincides with Start of Spring, the first of China’s 24 solar terms.The directing team used solar terms to count down the opening ceremony, starting with “rain” and ending with “Start of Spring”.A world sports festival, with the core elements of Chinese culture to start, at the right time, in the right place, popular people, both unexpected and reasonable, can not help but say that it is an amazing creative.As a result, people will always remember the Winter Olympics as China’s Winter Olympics, which cannot be copied.Solar term is a system of scientific comprehensive knowledge in Chinese culture, it summarizes the sun during the anniversary of the movement to the corresponding location, season, climate, phenology, animals, plants, people’s particular state, guide people to life scientifically, comply with nature, not rebellious nature, including sports and exercise.In this sense, the opening of the Winter Olympic Games with 24 solar terms touches the essence of Traditional Chinese culture.Although the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games did not wear ancient costumes or tell stories of 5,000 years, every minute of the opening ceremony was actually full of Chinese culture. The overall creativity and innovation reflected Chinese values, aesthetics, world outlook, life and nature, which represented a deeper level of cultural confidence.Curated by Li Ting author: Han Kesheng (cultural scholar, founder of Shanghai Jiangdong Academy) Editor: Chen Xihan Responsible Editor: Shao Ling photo source: Xinhua News Agency * Exclusive article, please note the source.