Yao Chen took her children to the seaside for a holiday. She was worried about eight-year-old Tudou’s long legs

2022-07-23 0 By

Yao has two children, Potato and jasmine, and she’s never shy about sharing photos of them.Both of them have grown up a lot, and yao Chen posted a photo on Feb 3 showing eight-year-old Tudou’s ridiculously long legs that is both surprising and envying.This is a photo at the seaside, potatoes and friends are wearing T-shirts and shorts, holding toy spades, standing on the beach to feel the beauty of the waves.Potato’s straight slender legs are very attractive, must be inherited from his mother’s good genes.”Xiao Bao’s legs are real?” one fan asked.Did not expect to get yao Chen affirmative answer, she also worried said: “such a long leg, learn what good?”But don’t worry about that.Sister Jasmine wore a white T-shirt with her ponytail flying as she played happily in the water.The scene of Potato and Molly playing hand in hand is so sweet.The photo was taken on February 1, 2022, and it seems that the brother and sister were very happy on the first day of Chinese New Year.Yao Chen is very busy with her work, but she still takes time out to accompany her two children on vacation. What a happy family!