Two other cursive characters (7-2)

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On the Internet, the “three character classic of The straw formula” was collected, deleted and added appropriately, and shared with pictures according to the topic, which is the second (parenthesis is incidentally associative memory).Some cases didn’t find appropriate corresponding word, just the deleted, such as “weeds” than “ideas” appropriate, “mouth.” some men jiu “” dot” “and will” “silks birds” deleted, “if the” “point and Lin” marked to add two points, “point charge race” to “point charge”, and “the piano” is actually a rare case of word, preserves.”Dot Lin ding” “dot sheng sit” is more far-fetched, “Gou Xu crime” is also more far-fetched.In fact, there are many examples of adding points to make new characters, there is no need to list them all.9 xu (GouXu sin, not the sin), some skin barbary, Yin jun, mother female point, point in the city, ask and point, qing township, fu preach point, the point of the old, the points, points unexpectedly comfort filling fu, point YanXiao, point, point the if, some grass, grass character), Lin and (2), points to nasty, point Lin Ding, point have to sit, seven are points, “point, dry point, Dan zhu point, this point to make.The glory point is the height of the horse