Transfer: krypton lift car three months summary

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Nonexist (Nonexist), GreenAuto, Krypton finally has ACC/AEB/LDW.Thu Feb 17 13:15:12 2022 (Thu Feb 17 13:15:12 2022), we updated the 2.0 Beta system last night, but due to the signing of a confidentiality agreement, we can not post screenshots or videos.I picked up my car on November 18th, which is exactly three months old and more than 5,700 kilometers. Let’s make a summary.First, I think the advantages are as follows: 1. I can buy the cheapest electric car with 100 degree battery in 2021-22. At the price of 266,000 yuan at that time, I added 6,000 audio and 5,400 insurance, and other costs are free except for the driving license and license plate express delivery.2 wiper, umbrella bone water spray, the scraping range is large and clean, but also not disorderly water.3. The power and driving experience are well received. My experience is that the high speed is steady and the speed is fast.4. Great storage space, huge trunk, front compartment and big hole under trunk (air suspension version had gas cylinders, I had two blankets).I have tried the speed measurement of 500Mbps, car hot spot a month 6G of traffic.6. No smell, my wife and I feel the same way, better than BMW, but some car friends think there is smell.Then there are the disadvantages, mainly focusing on product design and development of software.It’s not the lag that bothers me, but the inexplicable loss and reset of Settings, and the somewhat confused logic.Lost Settings and resets I encountered: 1. Not only did the seat Settings get lost, but once I entered the driver’s seat, the back of the seat directly pressed me against the steering wheel. I quickly turned the switch with my left hand to snap it back, which scared me so much that I was afraid to enter that option comfortably with the main driver.2. HUD Settings are lost.3. Zeekr Bluetooth when driving for the first time in the morning, it automatically shuts off from time to time, resulting in bluetooth failure of the phone.4. The reflector Settings are missing.5. Close to unlock leave lock the car occasionally inexplicably open or close.6. This Spring Festival home, trip 1 was inexplicably reset on the highway, return to the highway, trip 2 watched automatic reset.7. Slow charging and inserting the gun without locking the gun, this 2.0 upgrade will encounter, restart, hang D gear a few centimeters forward, but charging is still full power.It happened once before. Charge power halved.8. Occasionally, when the Internet is down, I press THE SOS button to reset the Internet, which is a bit weird.After 1.1, a 5G switch was added. I wonder if it can reset the network.Confusing logic: 1. Unlock your car with your phone, but don’t lock your charging gun. Press the door to unlock it.The first encounter was a morning at work, 400 could not be reached, there was no one from the after-sales service, so I was too anxious. Later, I turned to the user manual and pulled the wire from the emergency mode of the left front wheel to unlock the phone.Later also help a number of group friends to answer how to solve.2. The reservation charging location is hidden. I couldn’t find it for half a day after the 1.0.4 update.3. To close booking charging, you must first turn off the end time.At that time, due to the problem of the network, booking charging failed, and the after-sales didn’t know how to solve it. It took me more than half an hour to close the booking charging.I helped a few people out.4. After the defogging is turned off, AC is still turned on. In rainy days in early winter, this is refrigeration.The original link:!article/GreenAuto/963945?au=nonexist