The rain continues today, and the wandering sun will soon return!Love live warm heart spring

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Today the weather is rainy last today (February 13) is a continuous rainy day cloudy in the morning to give priority to with a short light rain at noon on rain enhancement overcast days at present the city’s air temperature at about 7 ℃ at night is the highest level 9 ℃ temperature throughout the northerly winds smaller 3 ~ 4 air relative humidity of 95% ~ 70% wet road travel in the afternoon or to pay attention to traffic safety air quality weather trend in the futureNext week to clear up after the rain the sun next Monday finally return to the good weather will last about 3 days cloudy weather will continue on Tuesday to Wednesday the Lantern Festival will not affect the view lamp moon accumulate clothes also want to take the time washing up on Thursday will shift duty rainy weather changes frequently but not overall rolling temperature 5 degrees minimum degree of fluctuation near top 10 degrees little rainfall in the rain on Sunday, the weather turns good recent cold airThe force is weak the temperature is stable the lowest temperature 3~6℃ the highest temperature 8~11℃ guess you like: the memory of old Shanghai!Huating Hotel closes for “new look”, looking forward to goodbye!| love “live warm heart in the spring of the eight” projects arrangement, looking forward to your doorstep good change!| love live “warm spring” delicious “traditional Chinese festivals: yuanxiao is” roll “!| love “live warm heart spring poetry reading, handmade silk lamp…Yuanxiao activity joy come here ~ | love “live warm heart spring old man can walk for 15 minutes?They gave the answer – > | since the spring of love “live warm heart integrated: Shanghai, healthy meteorological editor: Ye Fangfang reprint please indicate the from Shanghai xuhui official account