Temporary inspection points for trucks have been set up in Ouhai to open a “green channel” for nucleic acid testing for truck drivers

2022-07-23 0 By

A few days ago, Ouhai District set up temporary inspection points for trucks in view of the characteristics of heavy truck traffic at louqiao Expressway, opening a “green channel” for nucleic acid testing for truck drivers coming to Wenzhou, which can not only facilitate their rapid detection and rapid passage, but also effectively reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic.It is understood that the temporary inspection point of trucks is located at the intersection of Shanghexiang Road and Xiupu Road in Louqiao street, about 2 kilometers away from Louqiao expressway.On April 8, the reporter visited the temporary inspection point of the truck, and saw that the field staff were directing the truck to park orderly on both sides of the closed road, which is more than 300 meters long and can accommodate about 200 trucks.After the vehicle is parked, the truck driver will be guided to the designated inspection area for “Wenzhou epidemic prevention code” inspection and nucleic acid testing.The quarantine area is divided into two channels, “Wenzhou epidemic code” normal and abnormal nucleic acid test separately.”From 0 o ‘clock to 4 PM today, we have checked nearly 2,000 trucks, and we can usually check one truck in 5-10 minutes.”Pressure-state-response model of traffic transport scene told reporters, according to the superior deployment requirements, were strictly implement the outside truck and the truck driver “work for temperature shall be checked, considering LouQiao high-speed mouth near the basket of agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets and logistics park, daily truck traffic, through set up temporary HeZhaDian truck on the one hand, can alleviate the mouth traffic pressure,On the other hand, it can reduce the time truck drivers have to wait in line and improve their speed.At the temporary inspection point of the truck, after the inspection by the staff, the truck driver who has the “Wenzhou epidemic Prevention code” normal and holds the nucleic acid certificate for 24 hours can leave the inspection point with the release card (sticker).Truck drivers with normal “Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention code” but no 24-hour nucleic acid certificate shall take nucleic acid test on the spot, and drive away from the verification point with a release card (sticker) upon completion of the test.”Wenzhou epidemic prevention code” abnormal truck drivers by a timely study and judgment, according to the situation of the classification of disposal.At present, ouhai truck temporary inspection points open 24 hours a day, by the public security, transportation, health and other departments of personnel and social volunteers on duty, responsible for on-site vehicle guidance, scan code registration, nucleic acid collection, control and disposal docking work.In order to let truck drivers feel the “ouhai temperature” during the epidemic, the inspection point also prepared warm heart-warming supplies such as mineral water, eight-treasure porridge and bread for free.