State Grid Ningde Power Supply Company: Spring Festival construction is not closed in the rain construction

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February 4, southeast Network (this network reporter Ye Fuguo, reporter Zheng Tingyulei beauty) February 2, early on the second day of the first lunar month, located in xiapu County chengguan Qiaotou Li village back hill xiapu Nuclear power substation comprehensive auxiliary substation to yacheng new 220 kv transmission line site, more than 50 power supply personnel braved the cold wind and rain,Construction of #42-#43 tower line is being carried out methodically.The picture shows cross-line construction of xiapu Nuclear Power 220 kV transmission line #42-#43 tower.Xiapu Nuclear Power Plant is a national key project. The newly built 220 kV transmission line, with a total length of 50 kilometers, is an important line of Xiapu nuclear power plant.Construction #42-#43 tower line erection involves crossing 110 kv rear hour I road, rear hour II road and 35 kV shayan line, and all lines must be stopped to ensure safe crossing construction.However, by 110 kV rear I road, rear II road power supply times FAW Power Battery Co., Ltd. year-round production.The picture shows the cross-line construction site of Tower #42-#43 of xiapu Nuclear Power 220 kV transmission line.Lei Meirong for map “as early as last November, we began to actively communicate with The Times FAW power battery Co., Ltd. to understand that the company does not stop work all year round, only the first day to the first three days of safety production maintenance period.Zhuo Xiangpao, deputy general manager of State Grid Xiapu Power Supply Company, introduced that, in order to grasp the 3-day “window period”, State Grid Ningde Power Supply Company, State Grid Xiapu power Supply Company, construction units and power enterprises such as FAW carried out multiple communication plan optimization, and prepared the switching operation and blackout plan in advance.Determine the power outage plan, and temporarily connect a 10 kv line to supply the living electricity demand of faW factory area before the New Year.The picture shows the cross-line construction site of Tower #42-#43 of xiapu Nuclear Power 220 kV transmission line.”Safety protection measures of xiapu Nuclear Power 220 kV transmission line #42-#43 tower line cross-line construction are in place, and the project officially started construction.”February 1, the first day of the first month at 7 am, the construction unit organized the construction force to enter the site.Face the heavy task, rainy days on slippery, personnel of construction situation, its ningde power supply company organization for excess safety supervision team, security director led of rules, the relevant person in charge of lake kasumigaura electric power supply company, shipment inspection department and related personnel to conduct site safety supervision, check the security measures in place, completes the safety control, to ensure the operation safety during Spring Festival.(Zheng Tingyulei Beauty)