Shenyang: discover price illegal behavior, dozen this phone!

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Shenyang (CNS) — The Shenyang Municipal Administration of Market Supervision has issued a notice to further stabilize market price order, saying it will strictly strengthen price supervision in key areas such as locked-in and controlled areas.Notice as follows:Circular on further stabilize the market price order to truly protect the epidemic prevention and control during the city important commodity and order of the market price stability for epidemic prevention of the people’s livelihood, on the basis of the price law of the People’s Republic of China “and other laws and regulations, combined with shenyang about adjusting seal centralization, control, and prevention of circular (35) requirements, specifications related price behavior notice is as follows:Standardizing price behaviors according to law.All relevant business operators in the city shall strictly abide by the laws, regulations and rules, such as the Price Law, The Provisions on The Prohibition of Price fraud, and the Provisions on the Implementation of Clearly Marked Prices for Commodities and Services.Internet platform, take-out platform, community group and other kinds of platform are strictly forbidden to use original fiction, false, false preferential discount price undertakings such as false or misleading price means, entice consumers rather than to trade, it is strictly prohibited to price collusion, bid up the price, it is strictly prohibited to use data advantage “kill”, it is forbidden to false advertising and other ACTS of unfair competition,Harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.Second, do a good job of clearly marked price publicity.For fresh business super, in the whole city general supermarkets, stores and other related operators to provide the consumer end delivery goods, supply vegetables bag and so on, and take the telephone booking, online ordering, WeChat purchased online way to carry out business activities, such as businessmen, should be strictly plain code marks a price, cogent accomplish price contents, specifications and other information open and transparent, real clear, clear, labeling,They are not allowed to sell commodities at a markup above the marked price, collect any fees not indicated, and bundle or bundle other commodities in violation of regulations.3. Strictly strengthen price supervision in key areas such as locked-in and controlled areas.Market supervision departments at all levels in the city strengthened price supervision in key areas such as the locked-in and controlled areas, taking wholesale markets of agricultural products, surrounding markets of locked-in communities, and temporary food outlets as key areas, and taking online operations as key objects, and increased price inspection, policy publicity, and warnings.Fourth, strengthen the awareness of safeguarding rights.Consumers should improve the legal consciousness, when the consumer should pay attention to keep the relevant evidence (notes, video, audio, etc.), report shall specify the time, place, price to break the law merchant name, reporting matters, etc., in case of dispute over the price, please call 12315 to report complaints hotline, market regulators will accept price to report complaints in a timely manner.Fifth, crack down on the spread of false information.The majority of operators, consumers should not believe rumors do not spread rumors, consciously resist false price information dissemination.For there is no conclusive evidence of improper remarks, spreading false price information on the Internet and the spread of false information on epidemic, etc, once discovered, will be in accordance with the “shenyang public security bureau on strengthen epidemic prevention and control social control during the period of notice” handed over to the public security organs to deal with, if the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Since the date of issuance of this circular, the municipal market supervision departments at all levels will continue to increase the supervision and inspection of relevant operators.Illegal acts found to disrupt market order, such as price gouging, hoarding and cashing out, will be severely punished in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations.For the public exposure of bad circumstances, into the integrity blacklist, to ensure the stability of market price order.Shenyang Market Supervision Administration On March 27, 2022 source: Liaoshen Evening News