Liu Xuezhou body has been cremated, supporting the family aunt emotional instability, the sea filled with flowers cake

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Liu Xuezhou’s things, should also have caused widespread concern from all walks of life, a 15-year-old child, this short life suffering is too much!Think of our 15 years old, what are doing, basically is still a child, enjoying the love of parents, as if there is not too much trouble, but Liu Xuezhou has learned to be strong early, learn to be independent!After the identification with his parents, Liu Xuezhou not only did not get the care of his own parents, but his own parents took the lead in network violence against their children, really do not know where such parents conscience?Liu Xuezhou body has been cremated, originally need to wait until the biological parents arrived, but have been waiting for Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents, should be in the heart are not this son.After the relevant departments of communication, the body of Liu Xuezhou has been cremated, the family’s aunt mood is not stable, after all, the original state has been living in the home of the aunt, aunt is also super good state.In Liu Xuezhou’s mobile phone, to aunt remarks became a mother, which is enough to see how good aunt liu Xuezhou had, in the aunt’s video account, a lot of shots are to the state, the aunt is really good.After The death of Liu Xuezhou, many netizens began to spontaneously mourn Liu Xuezhou, in the seaside put some flowers on the cake, there are some milk tea, this life is too bitter, the next life add sugar!Look at Liu Xuezhou’s experience, if you change it into your own actually very early can’t go down!If there is no kinship, how good it is, that Liu Xuezhou can also live strong, live into their own light!Many netizens are looking forward to the most is to let Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents, to accept the legal sanctions, sell their own flesh and blood, isn’t this illegal behavior?The circumstances for Liu’s biological father should also be unusual, as he owns several companies and can start a new family again.Raise a few children but can not raise Liu Xuezhou, the mother’s dress should also be good conditions, the heart of the parents, are liu Xuezhou as a burden as the existence, worry will affect each other now the new family!In the end, Liu Xuezhou chose to make the most wrong decision and responded with his own life.He should have grown up to be a good big boy, but he decided to leave this world because of the behavior of his biological parents and the Internet abuse of a few people.Before liu Xuezhou should be very afraid of the cold people, and finally chose to leave the world in the warm Sanya beach, I hope liu Xuezhou’s things, can also ring the alarm bell for all people!