Li Yongxin, the richest man in the educational circle, borrowed 30 thousand yuan from his mother to start a business, and also 90 billion yuan to donate 1 billion yuan to Peking University

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Wen ✎ caption editing ✎ wealth tew his business for 21 years, as China’s richest teacher, has 142 billion fortune, training more than 10 million;His donation of 1 billion yuan to His Alma mater, Peking University, became a hot search, making the largest alumni donation since the founding of Peking University. He was also rated as the most outstanding graduate of Peking University by netizens. He even said at the donation ceremony that he would donate 10 billion yuan to Peking University in the future.He took his mother worked so hard to save thirty thousand yuan to start a business, said to his mother: if the loss, I put thirty thousand back to you;If it makes money, I’ll pay you back 300 million.He is the hero we want to talk about today, “the richest person in education” in public education founder – Li Yongxin.In the education and training industry, when it comes to popularity, Li Yongxin and Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental and Zhang Bangxin, the founder of good future, are still much worse, and even if people are not familiar with public education, they have not heard of this 95 degree Peking University graduate.What we don’t know is that as a very low-key entrepreneur, Li yongxin has been the richest man in the education industry for two years in a row. It was his donation of 1 billion yuan to Peking University last year that catapulted him into the public consciousness.After all, as one of the highest institution of higher learning in China, the Peking University graduate student success is not a few, every year there are many entrepreneurs choose to his Alma mater, donations, but like yong-xin li one-time donation of 1 billion, or a few, because of this, he was rated as “Peking University history’s largest individual donors,” maxed Peking University alumni.Before that, the largest individual donation was 660 million yuan from Baidu founder Robin Li.What is most commendable is that this is not li yongxin’s first donation to Peking University, including the 1 billion yuan, he donated 1.18 billion yuan to the Alma mater.It should be known that at the beginning of the business, Li Yongxin was still a poor boy, and his family was very poor. During those years of studying in Peking University, he basically depended on free soup in the canteen to survive, and even after successive failures in the business, he was so poor that he even had to count on eating steamed bread.But it is this poor family students, but counter-attack into a hundred billion rich, even lent him 30,000 yuan of entrepreneurial capital mother, are therefore among the forefront of Chinese female rich.How did Li Yongxin, who was born in 1976, become the richest man in the educational world?Li Yongxin was born in 1976 in Tonghua, Jilin province, the only child of his three older sisters.Her mother worked in a local pesticide factory, and her father had not had a proper job for many years. The family of six lived a hard life.”Love to do things over and over” Although li Fu’s work is unstable, but there has always been a heart to start a business, especially to the 1980s after the reform and opening up, Li Fu also feel that there is a new opportunity, so put together a loan of 10,000 yuan, in 1983 began to start a business, because of lack of experience, the business still failed.However, Li Fu still did not intend to give up, after all, as the breadwinner of the family, three daughters married, the only son to get married, all need to spend money.Despite his father’s constant suffering, Li Yongxin did well in his studies and did not need much concern from his family. Although his father would lose everything from time to time, he successfully finished high school with the help of his relatives.When filling in the college entrance examination, li yongxin’s parents hoped that he could apply for the military academy. After all, the military academy has good welfare benefits, no tuition fees, and daily necessities will be issued, which can greatly relieve the burden of the family.But Li Yongxin is not willing to, his only dream is to be admitted to Peking University.After the results of the college entrance examination, Li Yongxin became a member of the Peking University, became a small local famous number one in the college entrance examination, looking at the son of such ambition, his parents will not oppose naturally.So Li packed his bags and went to Peking University’s School of Government for a four-year study.Mother took out saved down money for yong-xin li to pay the tuition, the cost of living is only a province to the above, then yong-xin li with the cost of living is 100 yuan per month, get rid of other costs, use the money on eating basic is around 80 pieces, can be used as a big guy is long body, the money there is no way to eat.After all, most students at that time lived on 250 yuan a month, and he was only one third of other students.In desperation, they can only choose the cheapest cabbage, tofu, potatoes to eat, and then with free soup, but also can barely make a living, although eating is not very good, but can eat full.This is why Li Yongxin and so many poor students are willing to donate a large amount of money to their Alma mater after success. Without the subsidies that Peking University canteen does not care about, I believe many students would not be able to stick to their studies.At the end of his four-year college life, Li Yongxin was faced with two choices when he graduated. Should he continue his postgraduate study or choose employment?At that time, his major had a quota for postgraduate study, but there were two candidates, including Li Yongxin.Although Li Yongxin also had a great chance, the student’s mental state seemed not very good. Considering his own situation, Li Yongxin finally gave up the chance of postgraduate guarantee and decided to work in the society.After all, there is only one Wang Chuanfu in China, who can successfully complete his studies under the tireless care of his brother and sister-in-law. Li Yongxin knew that if he insisted on taking the entrance exam, his family would have to save money for him for three years, so it would be better to work early to share some of the burden for the family.Because he is a graduate of Peking University, Li Yongxin found a good job after graduation, the average monthly salary is about 6000 yuan, which is not a small amount at that time, also applied for the civil servant, but his heart is not very satisfied, he always wanted to start a business, do their favorite education.At that time, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental and a Peking University alumnus, had been teaching English for six years.This also let Li Yongxin can not help but ponder, oneself in addition to work can not do something else?In 1999, Li yongxin started his first venture, xinweiye Information Technology Co., LTD., with several classmates. The company mainly provides all-round services for college students from enrollment to graduation.Also because of the back of Peking University, coupled with the company’s entrepreneurial positioning, it is easy to pull the investment, investors account for 90% of the shares, Li Yongxin and several friends account for 10% of the shares, they have a cavity of blood ready to make the company bigger and stronger.But after less than a month of operation, the capital was withdrawn because of the conflict of ideas with investors, and the company just started was so yellow.The failure of the business for the first time, yong-xin li is not on the heart, he made up his mind to, be sure to make some achievements in the education industry, then again he put the idea on the subject training education, also formed a “champion luxury team” of Peking University, specialized in all parts of the country’s high school speech, every entrance fee of 10000 yuan, has done dozens of back and forth.It was just the proceeds of speaking to support the team, not enough to open new training courses, and soon the training was still a failure.Later, he tried the education and training mode of college entrance examination repeat training, but he still couldn’t grow bigger and stronger due to lack of funds and students.But this time of failure, and did not kill Li Yongxin’s fighting spirit, he constantly summed up the experience and lessons, looking for a new way out, and he needs, is just a flash of opportunity.And that opportunity will soon come.In a school back to chat with the tutor, the tutor talked about his several fresh graduates, ready to take part in the civil service exam, as long as he has done counseling, basically passed.The tutor knew that he had always wanted to do education and training, so he thought he could try an educational institution specializing in civil servant exams. After all, at that time, China was still very small.The mentor’s advice directly changed li yongxin’s later life.After all, he majored in government administration. He had also taken the civil servant exam before, so he was familiar with the specific procedures and could do business easily. Therefore, he immediately began to study this aspect.He found that teacher is not a civil service exam agency needs a lot of, because the acceptance ratio is low, more than 80000 people sign up every year, thousands of people can get in is little, but countries in order to provide the efficiency of the government office, over the years for various kinds of office question has carried on the detailed division, natural need more staff, it is imperative to civil servant enrollment expansion,Li Yongxin thinks such an organization must have a lot of room for development.After this, Li Yongxin put his mind on civil servant training above, ready to start his new business.Li Yongxin almost lost all his savings in several business ventures. At that time, his life was always difficult.I didn’t have enough money to put food on the table, and I often needed help from mentors.In order to be able to do civil service training institutions, li Yongxin has never opened his mouth to the home for the first time, he told his mother he wanted to try again, if this venture is not successful, will work steadily.Her mother looked at Li Yongxin, who looked exactly like her husband. She understood that her husband’s entrepreneurial dream was completely inherited from his son. In order to support his son’s entrepreneurship, her retired mother gave him all the 30,000 yuan she had saved from her own savings.After getting the money his mother gave him to start a business, Li yongxin didn’t set up ccED as he had done several times before. Instead, he used the Internet to conduct a long-distance tutoring course, which was quite a test run.After all, although the previous several entrepreneurial failures, but the experience has turned into a stepping stone for Li Yongxin to move forward, his vision is no longer persistent in Beijing, but look at the whole country, to thoroughly swallow the civil servant exam training this big cake.In 2003, when he felt the time was right, Li yongxin officially established Zhonggong Education and later established Beijing Zhonggong Education Technology Co., in which he put most of the shares in his mother’s name.In fact, Li Yongxin’s success is traceable, and his four years of college experience has a great relationship.Compared with those halfway training classes, Li Yongxin is professional, in years of systematic learning, Li Yongxin developed the first Chinese civil servant exam tutoring course with actual combat experience by virtue of excellent academic performance, and the course has predicted the line test questions and the theme of the discussion of the test, the hit rate is very high.At that time, the civil servant training market out of a few small fight not climate of the organization, basically equal to a blank.After three years of groping, Mr Li built his own brand and, in 2002, set up the first civil service exam portal, The China Civil Service Exam Information Network.With China’s university enrollment expansion in 1999, 337,000 students graduated in 2003. With the surge in the number, employment has become increasingly tight. Many college students regard civil service as their first career choice, and Li yongxin’s middle school education has become more and more important.Entering the fast lane of public education, more and more detailed, not only launched various in-depth tutoring courses according to the difficulty of the national examination, the course system is more and more perfect, so that students have significantly improved.Although the brand was just established and caught up with the SARS epidemic in 2003, li Yongxin, who never said die, launched a new model of online teaching and PPT presentation, selling courses to students through CDS. Even in that special environment, the development of public education in China is still not to be underestimated.During the SARS outbreak, Taobao, JINGdong, Ctrip and Zhonggong all recovered from the ashes. In 2004, Zhonggong Education launched the first set of in-depth guidance books for the civil service examination with practical significance in China, which completely overturned the idea of “reading is useless” advocated by the civil service examination industry.In 2005, CCED started the journey of national transformation, took the lead in establishing depth with more than 30 provinces and cities and local training institutions, took the lead in completing the market layout, and achieved a win-win situation with agents.The local agent is responsible for finding places and recruiting students, while Li Yongxin is responsible for teaching materials and teachers. The two sides cooperate and share profits.This model is still used by many tutoring institutions, which can maximize the power.Through this model, CGE has grown from a small training institution to a large group in just four years.Seeing the scale getting bigger and bigger, the once win-win model became passive because of the increase of agents, so Li Yongxin changed the business model, turned the agency into direct business, directly sent company personnel to rent space, enrollment source, all the profits are owned by zhonggong.By 2009, Li yongxin owned more than 300 educational institutions across the country and began to make more money.In 2018, Li Yongxin acquired Yaxia Automobile and went public in A shares with yaxia’s shell.Li Yongxin became the richest man in the educational circle, and his mother also successfully changed his wealth of 90 billion yuan because of 30,000 yuan at the beginning.Li Yongxin mother Lu Zhongfang concluded a review of Li Yongxin’s pioneering history along the way, his success is inseparable from the mother’s support, if the mother did not come up with 30,000 pieces, but earnestly advised him not to toss again, to find a job, down-to-earth life, Li Yongxin will have today?We don’t know.But we can know is that yong-xin li was able to succeed, not just because mother to support his thirty thousand dollars, but since its establishment, has been not forget the beginner’s mind, keep in mind the Peking University teachers teaching, do a kind person, to the best of their efforts to help others, even in doing public education, he also has to serve students in the first place, to remember the kindness of heart.”It is better to believe in our own goodness than to put our hopes in the mercy of the market,” he said.Relying on the faith in his heart, even though he experienced countless storms, he still made his career prosperous and did not forget to pass his love to more people in need of help.”Only through difficulties can we realize the value of helping others and feel the joy in our own hearts,” he said.I hope that our hearts will be more pure and kind-hearted, and we will truly help others and do charity work.”With this in mind, in October 2010, CCED set up the Sunshine Education Base in East China Normal University to donate books and materials to needy students.The next month, I went to huairou Migrant Children’s Primary school to deliver living and learning supplies to the local poor children, so that they can have a bright future.Even Li Yongxin said that only 1% of his wealth will be left to his children, and the remaining 99% will be donated to the society.It is often said that those who love out love back, and those who go back are blessed.Perhaps it is Li Yongxin’s gratitude that allows him to become the head of public education with a fortune of 100 billion from a poor boy.Gratitude makes life more beautiful.