Four days of snow in a row?!Yueyang weather latest package came

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Have you all returned home since today’s Spring Festival holiday is only 2 days away?Have not returned to the small partners to pay attention!!From tonight, rain and snow weather will again attack Yueyang weather forecast according to the latest meteorological data analysis, affected by strong cold air, February 6 to 9 our city has a low temperature rain and snow freezing weather process.The lowest temperature in urban areas will be about -1℃, and the lowest temperature in mountainous areas will be below -3℃.From the night of September 9 to the day of October 10, the weather will improve briefly. From the night of October 10 to the 13th, it will continue to be cold and rainy.The specific forecast is as follows: 5th: sunny to cloudy, north wind force 3, temperature 0 ~ 9℃;6th: cloudy day to light rain or sleet, light to moderate snow at night, some snow, freezing, north wind 3 ~ 4, temperature 0 ~ 4℃;July 7: Sleet or light snow to cloudy day, freezing, north wind 3 ~ 4, temperature 0 ~ 2℃;8th: cloudy day with sleet, freezing, north wind level 2 ~ 3, temperature -1 ~ 2℃;9th: light rain or sleet to cloudy day, freezing, north wind force 2, temperature -2 ~ 3℃;10. During the day, cloudy to cloudy, north wind force 2, temperature 1 ~ 5℃;From the night of October 10 to 13, continuous low temperature overcast weather.Rain and snow mixed superposition of the Spring Festival travel peak driver, please be sure to drive carefully hunan high-speed please pay attention to these important node left left left big flow section of passenger flow is expected to hunan highway traffic is concentrated in G4 Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed period of changsha, xiangtan, G60 will be shanghai-kunming high-speed xiangtan, shaoyang, paragraphs, G5513 zhang high-speed long yi, G5517 constant northern high-speed yiyang long,S50 changzhi high speed Changsha section, G6021 Hang Chang high speed Changsha section, G0421 Xu Guang high speed Xiangtan section, Hengyang section, etc.G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao expressway: Xingsha, Pingjiangxi, Yueyang, Yuhua, Lijiatang, Zhaoshan, Majiahe, Zhuzhou west, Chenzhou toll station;G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Xiangtan North, Shaoyang South, Shaodong, Zhouwangbu toll station;G0401 changsha Roundabout expressway: Songya Lake, Changlong, Ganshan, Luzhiling Toll station;G6021杭 州 长高速 : changsha, sany, huanghua, yong ‘an toll station;G5513长张高速 : changsha west toll station, chaoyang toll station;S21长 strains High-Speed: Langli east toll station, Zhuzhou toll station;S41 changtan West Expressway: Bachelor toll Station, Jiuhua Toll Station;G0421 xU Guang expressway: Yangjiaqiao toll station;S19 Liuhong Expressway: Liuyang West toll station;S50 changzhi High-speed: Yuelu toll station;S01 ningshao High-speed: Shaoshan toll station;S51 nanyue Expressway: Nanyue Toll Station;S80 heng Shao high-speed: Stone drum toll station;G0401 changsha Bypass expressway: Huanghuatang, Pingtang, Dato, Dongjing, Wanlinan, Laobaohe, Xingang, Xingcheng, Jinqiao, Wanlibei, Wangcheng Through the opening area toll station;Airport Expressway: Changsha East Toll Station.Focus on service area G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway: Xiaotang, Yizhang, Suzhou, Yongxing, Leiyang, Yancheng, Hengshan, Zhaoshan, Changsha, Dajing, Linxiang service area;G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Liling, Xiangtan, Xiangxiang East, Shuifumiao, Shaodong, Baoqing, Longhui, Dongkou service area;G5513 chang-Zhang expressway: Ningxiang, Taizimiao Service area;G5517 changchang North Line high-speed: Changsha West service area;S20 Pingdong Expressway: Yiyang South Service Area;G56 hangrui expressway: Yuanling service area.G60 Shanghai-Kunming high-speed and G0421 Xuguang high-speed intersection of Tailing hub interchange;G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed and G60 Shanghai-Kunming high-speed intersection of Yin Jia ‘ao junction;G5513 chang-Zhang expressway and G0421 Xu-Guang expressway intersection, Jianjia-Ao junction;S50 changzhi high-speed and G0421 Xuguang high-speed intersection of the Daolin hub;G0401 changsha roundabout high speed and G5517 Changchang North Line high speed intersection of Guanyinyan junction;G5517 changchang North line high-speed and S20 pingdong high-speed rendezvous bijiashan hub interchange;G60 Shanghai-Kunming high speed and G55 two Canton high speed rendezvous 梽 Wushan hub connectivity;G6021 hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway and G0401 Changsha High-speed rendezvous huanghua Junction interconnect;G6021 hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway and G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway intersection of Changsha North hub interconnect;G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed and G0401 Changsha high-speed intersection of Lijiatang hub interconnect;G0422 wu-Shenzhen high-speed and G1517 Pu-Yan high-speed rendezvous yanling west junction;G72 quannan high speed and G0422 wuzhen-Shenzhen high speed intersection of Pingshui junction and Mengtong junction connectivity;G72 quannan high-speed and G0421 Xuguang high-speed intersection of the railway city hub;G0421 xU Guang high-speed and S80 heng Shao high-speed intersection of the Fir bridge hub;G56 Hangrui high-speed and G65 Baomao high-speed rendezvous phoenix hub interconnect.G56 K804+900 to K804+930 two-way bridge construction, two-way occupation of half of the fast lane and half of the emergency lane, please pass vehicles slow down.G5513 changzhang Expressway Yiyang section, K63 yiyang service area two-way closed construction, service area suspended opening.Drivers who need refueling and rest plan ahead.Weather changeability evening paper jun remind everyone to pay attention to keep warm wish returning friends a smooth journey!Get home safe!Source: Yueyang Evening News all media reporter Chen Ken part of the comprehensive Hunan traffic police