Early comments | this week A share closing battle!What’s the market on Friday?

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Good morning, dear readers, it is so fast Friday again, Dalong will pack up and leave for Wuhan tomorrow, goodbye is another year later, the joy before going home!Boredom at home!Before leaving home not to give up!Miss after leaving home!Maybe this is the feeling after growing up…Recent A shares actually nothing to say, up A day down five days, A shares warming up almost need A few months of time, now is time to change space, this is the most effective way, look at the technical side is useless now, keep patience is the key, today A shares how to go?Let’s jump right into today’s morning review!On a new day, Tai Lung is here to say good morning to his 740,000 fans!In 2022, Dalong wishes all readers and their families a New Year and a new atmosphere.Money!| overnight on U.S. stocks tumbled yesterday evening, because CPI was released in the United States, the federal reserve to raise interest rates 100 basis points in the first half of market expectations, almost completely reflect market pricing 3 month interest rates 50 basis points.Coincidentally, after the RELEASE of THE CPI, This year’s Federal Reserve board member Brad said he supports a cumulative 100 basis points of interest rate hikes by early July. Before the march rate hike, the stock market is difficult to see. On Thursday, the U.S. CONSUMER price index rose 7.5% in January from a year ago, the highest in four decades, further strengthening the Fed’s interest rate hike expectations.The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 526.47 points, or 1.47%, at 35241.59.The Nasdaq fell 304.73 points, or 2.10%, to 14185.64.The S&P 500 fell 83.10 points, or 1.81 per cent, to 4504.08.On the disk, technology stocks were generally lower, led by the semiconductor sector, Qualcomm, AMD, NXP semiconductor down more than 5%, Celinx, ASML, Nvidia down more than 3%, Microsoft, Apple, Google -A down more than 2%, Meta, Netflix, Amazon down more than 1%;New energy vehicle stocks fell collectively, with Tesla down nearly 3%, Xiaopeng Automobile down more than 4%, Nio and Ideal Automobile down more than 2%.Important news | interpretation, citic futures on Thursday and warehouse 53 hands empty single!News interpretation: Citic futures on Thursday to buy down 53 hands of A shares, data is for reference only, does not represent the market will go so two, Xinda Australia bank letter investors:The gem index (2826.517, -57.08, -1.98%) and the Sse index (below 3400) should be cherished, cinda Macau Bank said in a letter to investors.For the recent market adjustment, Cinda Australia Bank Fund believes that this is the concentrated catharsis of short-term irrational emotions in the market. It is not likely that the A-share market will fall sharply this year, so we should actively grasp the structural investment opportunities.In terms of investment layout, Cinda Aoyin believes that it can pay attention to three aspects: first, transportation, tourism, breeding, real estate chain and other oversold industries;Second, green electricity, new energy, wind power, photovoltaic and other tracks in the carbon-neutral sector have not changed their long-term development logic.Third, environmental protection, construction and other counter-cyclical sectors, their performance growth certainty will be more fully reflected in this year.Message face interpretation: meaning is to cherish the gem 2800 points now, do not when the time comes 2600 points you have no opportunity!3. Ceibs fund responded to the huge redemption of Gulen Products: Do not believe rumors of false news. A number of insurance institutions and financial subsidiaries responded:A rumor points to Gulen today, saying that large insurance funds, financial subsidiaries and FOF accounts have redeemed 40 billion yuan of Gulen’s products, mainly for new energy, among which Ningde Times has the highest redemption.To this end, The Central Europe Fund responded that the network spread “large redemption” is false news, do not believe the rumor of interpretation:Actually does shock is not important, certainly not unfounded, continuous tumbled recently a-share fund holdings is proof of that, the rumor is far ahead of predictions, there is no smoke without fire, smic in the fourth quarter net profit $533.8 million forecast in the fourth quarter net profit $533.8 million $353.3 million smic,Estimates of $353.3 million;Smic’s fourth-quarter revenue was $1.58 billion, versus estimates of $1.59 billion.News surface interpretation: performance expectations are good share price fall is not like, the stock price at the top is good cash, the stock price at the bottom is a reversal of difficulties, obviously the semiconductor is the latter, semiconductor also hurry up a wave of five, the Central Bank:Yuan loans rose 3.98 trillion yuan in January, the highest in a single month. Yuan loans rose 3.98 trillion yuan in January. Yuan deposits rose 3.83 trillion yuan.The weighted average monthly interest rate of repurchase of pledged bonds was 2.04%. In that month, RMB settlement business of cross-border trade was 721.2 billion yuan, and RMB settlement business of direct investment was 478.6 billion yuan.The growth rate of M1 is lower than M2, indicating that all the money has been saved. The money in the market is decreasing. The market is so bad that no one has any money.News reading: this is the true academician, compared to our side of the member of “white” that is not completely, if it were not for the public opinion pressure, our member of liquor already came up | a-share market:Now the most important thing, please remember that the a-share market position remember not to cut meat, otherwise very easy to run on the floor, take up is the best choice now, such as low suck out, so that you can quickly back to the profits and bear in mind that I understand what you worried about now, worry will not fall, worry about money will lose out, want me to say, don’t worry,Fund does not exist kui, take as long as live, will consists of rose back, behind this trust, but remember, where before, be sure to control the position well, wait for the wave after the adjustment, we can still return to eat meat every day now when A shares the technical has completely failed, the next step is to see the mood and mindset who can win, and the current a-share market position,Dragon will not cut the flesh, has fallen so much, now run words later rose that is still the same regret, so dragon will continue to keep low suction, waiting for the market to warm up.Not pessimistic also not blind optimism, this is the current market the best attitude, you definitely want to know, the stock market is going up for a long time constant, whether it’s a bear market or bull market, take live behind will have a profitable day, control good mentality is the most critical don’t entangled with how to get to the next, that is an option, dragon honestly have no idea, to be honest, no one know we can’t decide,We just need as long as we’re going in the right direction, then just hold on, that’s it.Refueling together, received friends, do not like nothing, comment a word to support and encourage the next good!Also welcome everyone to exchange more about their own opinions, refueling together, learn from each other, feel good words praise an encouragement, feel still need to strengthen can comment criticism, Dalong will accept humbly, what to say what, speak freely!I wish you all a New Year of rising investment, make more money!If you have any questions you want to ask, or other questions you want to say, you can leave a message in the comment section below, and dalong will reply one by one after seeing it. This investment strategy is shared, and personal investment decisions made only based on my limited investment experience and public market information are not to be blindly followed.Investment is risky and entering the market should be cautious