Beside the Jinxi River, the hometown of King Qian, explore the origin of the “brocade” in Hangzhou Lin ‘an

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By the bank of Jinxi, the hometown of King Qian, there is an ancient city of Thousands of years, formerly known as “Yijin” town.Why yijin Town?Let’s start with the allusion of Qian Wu Su, a very famous historical figure in Lin ‘an, liu’s “Returning to the countryside in great clothes”.Accompanied by light rain, six students from Class 3 (4) of Boshikai Experimental Primary School, seven colors of flower team, followed the footsteps of King Qian to visit the history of Wu and Yue and explore the origin of “jin” in Lin ‘an.We set out from the “Jin” stream, understand the origin of the word “jin”, but also began to understand the character of the king of money.Qian Wusu Wang Qian Liu, nickname “Po Liu”.According to legend, because there is a “Po stay well” on the bank of jinxi, famous money wide, his wife Shuiqiu’s child, the red light dazzled and heard the sound of soldiers and horses in the home, Money wide as an ominous thing, want to be in the well, luckily, the child’s nickname is called “Po stay”, well is also called “Po stay well”.Qian Liu made great contributions to the local governance of Zhejiang during the turbulent times at the end of the Tang Dynasty and finally became the great leader of the Wuyue state.”Yijin town” is the birthplace of King Qian, but also the resting place, so many places in Lin ‘an have “jin” place names.This is how jinxi and Po-liu stories come.Po left the well next to the Lord, the fallen leaves back to yijin town.Linan was the hometown of King Qian. After Qian Liu had defeated the rebels and governed Qiantang well and became the great Leader of the Ming Dynasty, he returned home magnificently twice. The first time was when he was 50 years old and the second time was when he was 59 years old.He was homesick and wanted to go home, so he picked an auspicious spring day and set out to return home.As soon as King Qian Su’s party arrived in Lin ‘an, his fellow villagers made wine, glutinous rice dumplings and food for ten li (12 miles) of welcome. The King of Qian ordered his subordinates to invite his fellow villagers to a banquet that is three miles long. This shows how popular The King of Qian is among the people.On the stranger flowers slowly return, home is still jin Xin.Third, the hometown of wu yue, “jin” to cross the shore leave anecdotes in search, we visited the museum of linan, the exhibition in the museum, we see a wide variety of all kinds of exhibits and the former kingdom has disappeared in the historical space and time, but it’s achievements in the areas of handicraft industry, art remain in material form.The exquisitely carved royal jades, luxurious gold and silver wares, white and elegant white porcelain and the glazed and green yue kiln secret porcelain represent the prosperity of the Wuyue dynasty, and also witness the historical changes from the cultural relics.Only Lin ‘an is in such a grand situation, but when the Kingdom of Wu Yue was in its heyday, it had territory of “one army and thirteen states”!It also shows the prosperity of the “Happy land of southeast” and the profound accumulation and unique charm of Wuyue culture.Four, protect the environment and people, ten “jin” long “Fu Ze long” Qian Wu Su King mausoleum “five characters, huge memorial archway standing in front of the king of Money, telling the great achievements of his life.We walked through the archway, through the performance of the soldiers, into the hall, through a vivid and rich wood engraving, we understand the king of money, respect talent, love people like children.On the wooden board, “Good China, protect the border and the people, pay soil to the Song Dynasty, three thousand subordinates, southeast Buddhism, family instruction handed down” all tell the great achievements of the King of Money.Tang Dynasty guan Hugh’s “flowers drunk three thousand guests, one sword frost cold fourteen states” vivid description of the king of money three thousand men, good China’s great achievements.It is the full cohesion of the strength of these counsellors, the king of money a sword swept the two Zhejiang fourteen states.The “zhou Pool” in the tomb of King Qian is the fourteen states under his jurisdiction at that time.Qian Liu carried out the basic state policy of “protecting the state and the people”, enabling the people to live and work in peace and prosperity and develop production. As a result, the State of Wu Yue became an economic power with greater wealth than the rest of the world and the founder of the concept of “heaven on earth and Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth”.The Qian Family Instruction, which has been handed down for more than 1,300 years, contains contents at the four levels of individual, family, society and country. The family instruction highlights the three core values of “doing good to the country, stressing morality and self-cultivation, and honoring literature and learning”, which have influenced generations of qian’s descendants.The modern descendants of the Qian family are well known, among which “three Qian”, qian Xuesen, Qian Sanqiang and Qian Weichang are also descendants of the King of Qian.According to statistics, there are more than 100 descendants of Qian who are academicians in more than 50 countries at home and abroad.Ten wills, such as “loyalty and filial piety, love soldiers and people, diligence and frugality, loyalty and honesty,” inspire qian’s descendants from generation to generation, but also inspire us.After visiting the Qian King mausoleum and understanding the “Qian family instruction”, our children feel quite deep, cerebellum has a lot of ideas, let’s have a look at the children’s feelings!Text: Yu Jingjing xu Xiaoying # Linan Positive energy ## Hangzhou headlines ## Hangzhou around things #