Xian ‘an district carries out red memorial activities to commemorate revolutionary martyrs

2022-07-22 0 By

(Xianning Tai reporter: Jiang Qi) in order to remember the revolutionary martyrs, geng continued hero blood, carry forward the red culture, draw forward strength, On April 4, Xian ‘an District Committee propaganda department, district literary federation, district red culture research jointly carried out the “memory of the revolutionary martyrs, Geng continued hero blood” red memorial activities.The breeze send sorrow, flowers pay homage.On the same day, all the party members and cadres successively spatial-temporal martyr cemetery in haman district, the northern expedition TingSi bridge battle martyrs cemetery, the special branch of the communist party of xianning county memorial, mao-lin wu’s former residence, He Gongwei memorial, Qian Yishi’s former residence, Qian Ying memorial hall and other places, to the revolutionary martyrs laid a basket of flowers, everyone with a very heavy heart XiangXianLie moment of silence.At the end, all the party members and cadres in the Gleason gave a red song for the revolutionary martyrs, expressing their infinite condolences and deep thoughts.The red worship activities, let all party members and cadres deepen the baptism of red culture, everyone said that we must cherish the revolutionary achievements, Thanksgiving real life, firm ideals and beliefs, revolutionary martyrs as an example, the revolutionary spirit into daily life, let the red gene into the blood.