Winter Olympics boost ski fever This risk note please hold!

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In recent years, with Beijing’s successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the slogan “300 million people on ice and snow”, skiing has attracted more and more attention. Many sports fans go to ski resorts to experience the freedom and excitement that skiing brings.However, skiing is actually a relatively high risk sport.What legal risks should we be aware of when participating in ski sports?Class begins at primary Politics School!For example, qiao hit the 10-year-old Ou in the process of skiing, causing ou to fall down in the process of sliding down the piste, and caused the fracture of the femoral shaft of his right thigh.Ou sued Qiao and A ski resort for compensation for medical expenses incurred in hospitalization due to injuries.According to article 1,165 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, if an actor infringes upon the civil rights and interests of others through fault and causes damage, he shall bear tort liability.Where an actor is presumed to be at fault in accordance with the law and cannot prove that he is not at fault, he shall bear tort liability.Article 1,175 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that if the damage is caused by a third party, the third party shall bear tort liability.Article 1,179 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that anyone who infringes upon another person and causes personal injury shall compensate for the reasonable expenses incurred for treatment and rehabilitation, such as medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, nutrition expenses and hospitalization food subsidies, as well as the income lost due to missing work.Where a disability is caused, expenses for assistive devices and disability compensation shall also be compensated;In case of death, compensation shall also be made for funeral expenses and death compensation.As prescribed in article one thousand one hundred and ninety-eight of the law of the People’s Republic of China civil code: hotels, shopping malls, Banks, railway stations, airports, stadiums, entertainment and other places of business operators and managers, public or mass activity organizers, did not fulfill the duty security, causes damage to others, shall bear tort liability.If the act of a third party causes damage to another person, the third party shall be liable for tort;Operators, managers or organizers who fail to fulfill their safety obligations shall assume corresponding supplementary responsibilities.After the operator, manager or organizer has assumed supplementary liability, they may have recourse against a third party.The judge interpretation, the third person causes skiers injury according to the law of the People’s Republic of China civil code provisions of article one thousand one hundred and seventy-nine and article one thousand one hundred and seventy-five of the personal injury caused by a third person, the third person should bear tort liability, and shall compensate for medical treatment and nurse the wounded reasonable expense for treatment and rehabilitation.The risk caused by a third party generally refers to the risk of collision between skiers due to failure to exercise the duty of care.Joe in the process of sliding did not timely safety to avoid Ou mou, so that the two sides contact ou mou injury, should bear the corresponding responsibility.According to Article 1,165 of the Civil Code, skiers shall be mainly liable for personal damage caused by their failure to exercise their duty of reasonable care.O a crime at the age of only 10 years old, his father took the intermediate ski ramp into the higher risk, and let the one alone in intermediate ski trails, neither in the auxiliary, also did not take the corresponding protective measures, not care responsibility, and have not been submitted evidence to prove that the time with Joe a slide orientation and order, and shall undertake corresponding civil liability,And reduce Qiao mou’s liability for compensation.The risks of skiers themselves are generally reflected in the following aspects: the risks caused by skiing in an unsuitable state, the risks caused by not wearing ski equipment according to the regulations, the risks caused by choosing slides beyond the technical level, and the risks caused by not exercising the duty of care when skiing.Three security obligations, ski resorts, unqualified wounded skiers according to the stipulations of article one thousand one hundred and ninety-eight of the civil code, ski resorts as skiing activities of operators and managers, responsible for the security skier skiing in the personal and property safety in the process of legal obligations, and failed to provide evidence to prove that they have done the obligation of security,The skier shall bear the corresponding tort liability for the damage suffered by the skier. If the skier is at fault, the liability of the ski resort may be appropriately mitigated.A ski resort, as the manager of the ski resort, should bear the corresponding supplementary responsibility for minors’ failure to reasonably foresee the corresponding risks and warn them when they enter the intermediate ski slopes with high risks alone, failing to fulfill the obligation of safety protection and having certain faults for the occurrence of the accident.While skiing is fun, safety needs attention!For the ski resort, it is necessary to improve the safety management system, prevent potential risks of skiing, ensure the safety of the skiing crowd, and escort the “ski fever” of the Winter Olympics.For skiers, to have a sense of risk, do what one can, strictly abide by the ski resort’s safety management system, so as to protect themselves and others, safely and smoothly through the happy snow season, together to the future!Class time to xiaozheng and you next class to see you want to know more legal knowledge “intelligent xiaozheng” 24 hours online waiting for you comprehensive from: Beijing Fengtai Court