Real estate Evaluation | Haikou Bay Binhai Urban Complex one million square meters of full-age health city

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Buying a house is nothing small, the details are important.It is our job to help buyers thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of a project before buying a house.By professional evaluation division with the most rational, comprehensive evaluation to help you understand the pros and cons of the project.We will on-site survey, help you pick hot plate, appreciation, look at the supporting, give you the most real living experience.Leju real estate evaluation series, from the professional evaluation division of the scene on the plate.Let you stay at home to understand the latest, the most complete real estate guide.Today’s assessment of buildings is: | dahua, splendid coast in the west coast of building window is located in the west coast of the core project is located in the west coast of core, administrative office, high-end business, leisure and entertainment, cultural exhibition and coastal people in one of the new center of haikou.It is surrounded by three ecological parks, including the municipal 3 km commercial Street, Yuanda Shopping Mall, municipal Library, municipal Museum, children’s hospital, Olympic Sports Center, Grade A Hospital, Wuyuanhe School, Wuyuanhe Farmers market and other golden business circles, which can meet all life needs.700 meters healthy distance from the sea open block, all-age community, green ecology, vibrant business area, quality culture, new scene community design, create four seasons uninterrupted outdoor life.The convenient transportation network is adjacent to the railway station, high-speed railway station and the new seaport. It can reach Meilan Airport directly through the city ring expressway. The three-dimensional transportation coverage of sea, land and air is covered by haixiu Expressway, which quickly connects the east and west business areas of the city.The landscape design of “Year-round uninterrupted outdoor Life” combines with the climate characteristics of Haikou and advocates the design concept of “year-round uninterrupted outdoor life”.Haikou Bay Coastal Urban Complex Dahua Jinxiu Coast, one million square meters of full-age health city, covers an area of about 13,543 square meters, with a total construction area of about 43864.23 square meters, with a greening rate of 30%.Plot ratio 2.5.The community includes coastal residences, high-end villas, commercial offices, community business centers and so on.Dahua Property management enjoys a national first-class qualification. Dahua Quality Assurance Center, mobile acceptance system and exclusive butler service provide quality property services for all owners from the five service systems of environment, maintenance, safety, life and intimate.Currently we are selling commercial office products, including phase II Dahua Linglonghai BLOCK A Plus with space of five meters and three floors, with A price of 18000-19000 YUAN /㎡. The blank will be delivered on November 15th.Flat floor apartment, Block B, the floor area is about 62-72㎡, the price is 13,000-14,000 yuan /㎡, the blank will be delivered on July 15th.F flat F is the commercial office flat product of Dahua Jinxiu Coast, with a floor area of about 71.82 square meters. It is an economic commercial office product with two rooms, one hall and one bathroom. This project, this flat is delivered in rough form.Shoe cabinets can be set on the right side of the entrance door for customers and employees to change indoor shoes, which is not easy to bring dust into the room.Part of the moving area, the right side of the door can do semi-open kitchen, ambry is “L” model.This part can be set up as a tea room for employees to drink water and make tea. Microwave oven can also be set up for employees to heat meals.This area has sufficient space to place refrigerator, which can guarantee the fresh-keeping effect of fruit tea.The house is a meal living room integrated design, the balcony has the function of viewing the landscape, but also to expand the city living room space, increase a certain area, this area can be used as a tea rest area and negotiation area, high utilization rate.This quiet area can be designed as staff office or boss office and VIP negotiation room, with large Windows to ensure bright lighting and good ventilation effect.The washroom is designed to be dry and wet, with two compartments separating the washbasin, shower room and sitting stool to ensure its relative independence.The bathroom shower with a window, not only to ensure bright light is not easy to produce bacteria, at the same time, also can let the air out, smooth circulation.F family assessment 3 traffic information orbit transportation, public transportation, drive drive travel is convenient Bus stops many rail transit: hainan is no subway, roundabout railway along the coast hainan island circuit laid, large ring rail for a closed, has been completed, the two site is located in the south, the west coast of haikou station (that is, the haikou railway station), perennial station.Inland Guangdong-Hai Railway starts from Zhanjiang in Guangdong province in the north and arrives at Haikou Railway Station through qiongzhou Strait.At the same time, Haikou has opened urban rail transit line and built Haikou suburban train, which has been put into operation now. These two stations can quickly reach all urban areas and transportation hubs in Haikou (train service period is 06:30 to 23:00 every day).Public transport:There were 10 dahua jinxiu radius around 200 metres off the coast of bus stops, multiple bus lines crisscross, 35, 37, 37 road express in downtown haikou, 40 road, 57 road everywhere, night new harbor wharf, 4 road ChengMai ChengMai 57 road ecological software park, 35, 37, 40 road haikou high-speed (the station).Self-drive: Changliu starting area road planning will form a “three horizontal and five vertical” trunk road system.Three horizontal: Seaside Boulevard, East and West Cheung Bin Street, East and sixth Cheung Bin Street;Five vertical: Yuehai Avenue, Changbin Seventh Road, Changbin Fifth Road, Changhai Avenue, Changbin Road.At present, the road network in the region is dense and accessible, so you can pass at will.Located on the west side of Changbin 7th Road, Dahua Jinxiu Coast is connected to Binhai Avenue and Nantong Haixiu Express Road in the north. Through these two main east-west roads of Haikou, it can reach the prosperous business circles such as Guomao and Guoxing in the main urban area of Haikou, and directly reach haikou Station and railway station of high-speed railway around the island through Yuehai Avenue.Evaluation of Dahua Jinxiu Coastal Location Map 4 Surrounding supporting education, medical care, business and park Education resources are abundant commercial supporting education:Dahua Jinxiu Coast is located in changliu starting area, planning 8 schools, including municipal primary school, Qingxiu Primary school, Yuehai Primary School, nine-year system of Wuyuanhe School, Changbin Primary school and Changbin middle school, Xinhai Middle school, Changde School. At present, Wuyuanhe School and Changbin Primary school have been put into use.Dahua Splendid Coast is less than 1 kilometer away from Wuyuanhe School and Xinhai Middle School.Medical facilities: Within 2km of Dahua Jinxiu Coast is Hainan Tumor Hospital, 4km away is Hainan Children’s Hospital, 6km away is Haikou Tonghe Hospital, Hainan Southern Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Xixiu Town Health center.Park matching: There are 5 parks within 2-5 kilometers around Dahua Splendid Coast, including West Coast Qingxiu Park, Haikou Wuyuan River National Wetland Park, Wuyuan River Forest Park, Xixiu Beach Park and west Coast belt park.Dahua Brocade Coast to build independent commercial podium, supermarkets.Commercial facilities: There is yuanda Shopping center 2 kilometers around, which operates fashion department stores, large supermarkets, children’s amusement park, movie city, theme catering and food court, which can meet the needs of daily life.Dahua Splendid Coast is 1.7 kilometers away from Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center and Oriental Global Theater.4.6km away from Wuyuan River Gymnasium;Changying World 100 Fantasy Park 7.9 km.Dahua Jinxiu Coastal commercial zone effect map assessment 5 Price analysis Price status quo potential analysis Average price of about 13,000 /㎡ high cost performance dahua Jinxiu coastal flat floor commercial office products on sale, the price of 13000-14000 yuan /㎡, lower than the same plate product market average price of 15000 yuan /㎡.Haikou west coast currently no second-hand products to compare.Compared with the same market positioning project: low average price, high cost performance.The west coast of Haikou has always been the core area of haikou development in the future. Greenland, Luneng, Zhonghong, Baolong, Broad, Shoukai and other real estate companies gather together. In the future, the housing supply in the area will be sufficient, and the value of real estate projects will also be prominent.At present, each supporting plate has been put into use, the value of the plate has been reflected;As time goes by, the international duty-free city and the second phase of the international convention and Exhibition Center will be gradually realized, and dahua Splendid Coast has a great space for future growth.Spring Festival is not closed: about 90% of sales offices in Hainan are open as normal.The implementation of the purchase of “two awards and one supplement” three children family purchase incentives of up to 14 thousand yuan/set of good living | park houses, over 10 meters large scale balcony, the price really just needed