King of Glory: Gongsun Li or the best shooter?Open violent all beat somebody else, really cut miserably

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Hello everyone, I am a bell ~ to tell the truth to the sun is out of the skin, now is really surprising thing, according to the planning of the style, the skin is usually give a strong hero, prepared by the hero if not enough strong, even before the skin strengthen a wave, and then out of the skin, no matter to strengthen will not lead to the strength of the hero is too high,Anyway, the skin is almost sold and then adjust to ensure sales.However, Gongsun from this archer is relatively weak in the period of skin, it is a bit abnormal, and by gongsun from the new skin, we will analyze gongsun now, or is not our impression that can play is the most powerful archer?Gongsun from the king of Glory, has been most of the players recognized as the strongest shooter, as long as you can play, then Gongsun is the strongest shooter, even no one, this is mainly because gongsun from the skill mechanism in the position of the shooter is very unsolved.Two skills can resist all flying attacks, including skills and ordinary attacks, just this skill is actually very difficult to solve, after all, the skills of the archer are the output of the flying state, as long as you block well, the opponent will be one less skill or one less ordinary attack.Plus one skill has displacement, master move has control, and any skill can be used for displacement, passive has additional damage.On line gongsun away, the somebody else is A skill displacement up A, you hit two skills block, hit passive back, you also can’t catch up, will be white consumption, is so play invincible effect.But this is before Gongsun from, to tell the truth now Gongsun from, in fact, really can not say that they are the strongest archer, perhaps we will think is the bell from the comparison of food caused by gongsun, but in fact, the bell is to see professional players play gongsun from later to think about this problem.Sun is now, with the violent level 1 hit buy cloth armour production, opened with the production after the violent, dozen however, even the blood off all about you dare to believe each other, and also use a summoner skill, if you don’t believe you can go to try and judge dee also need not operation, standing and sun from a can, even if a skill is blocked off,The blood difference is about the same.So now gongsun from, in fact, unless there is a gap in strength, otherwise in the line of many shooters, has been unable to play that kind of line has an advantage, has been pressing the opponent to play, and then hit the equipment gap, literally seconds off the opponent’s sense of vision, even if your Gongsun is very strong.And Gongsun apart from the only line di Renjie has no advantage, like the line Yu Ji also has no advantage, but also to give a person a kind of already had a little fight but the sense of both, and Gongsun from the archer line if not the effect, in the middle and later period gongsun from the comparison of other shooters is more no advantage.Gongsun li is an assassin who needs to be close to the opponent to be able to output, which is very easy to be attacked by the opponent’s range skill.Later period need not take care of Gongsun from, she will receive skills, receive defeated.And when Gongsun from the early line of time is no longer anyone can bully, and in the later period is relatively easy to evaporate, compared to other archer no advantage, now such Gongsun from, can also be called the most powerful archer?It may have been recognized before, but now you just say that gongsun li is the most powerful shooter, and Jingle believes that many players will come out to refute this view.