Hunan University of Technology, with students as the main body of the new integration of industry and education

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Xiamen or hing group award for students “close interest cup” competition of science and technology Massachusetts moment on February 19 – (correspondent Chen En Tan Shanqi) to deepen the cooperation between colleges teaching fusion, explore innovative entrepreneurial orientation of personnel training mode, hunan industrial university and Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing Co., Ltd in terms of integration education, walked out of a take the student as the main body of a new path.In 2020, led by Liu Wu, 2000 outstanding alumnus of Hunan University of Technology in Packaging and printing, associate director of United Creative Packaging Services (Asia) Co., LTD., general manager of Suzhou Wandu Paper Co., LTD., through good communication in the early stage of alumni association of the university,Hunan University of Technology and Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing Co.,Ltd, guided by the concept of “moral education in schools, technological innovation in enterprises, in-depth integration of industry and education”, focused on three modules, namely collaborative talent training, collaborative innovation in science and technology, and service demand docking, signed a 10-year comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on integration of industry and education on the basis of a comprehensive consensus.In November 2021, Hunan University of Technology and Xiamen Hexing jointly set up hexing Packaging Innovation Experimental Class. Tan Haihu, head teacher of The class, introduced that Hexing Packaging Innovation Experimental class is exploring a new talent training mode of deep participation of enterprises and combination of superior resources of university-enterprise talent training.The experimental class students not only has traditional industry-university-institute cooperation base, schools, enterprises double mentor, field investigations to the enterprise, to participate in the enterprise technology innovation and the advantages of the research project, at the same time, the experimental classes to students interests as the main body, realized across college, recruit outstanding students across different professional and grade, to cultivate students’ innovative spirit as the guide.As the flagship packaging and printing enterprise ranked no.1 in The Asian packaging and printing industry and with outstanding influence in the world, Xiamen Hexing regularly sets questions and funds the students of this experimental class to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship training research.In 2021, Xiamen Hexing has funded 45 innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students.To enhance students’ innovative ability as the goal, the school and tutor each year for the experimental class students teaching 160 classes, in the packaging industry development of science and technology front, joint ISTA procedure (international safety transport association) in 2021 organized “close interest cup” college students packaging science and technology innovation contest, xiamen xing gave the award for outstanding students.Student Yuan Jingchen said that since joining the experimental class, he has enjoyed the teaching organization form of “on-campus + off-campus, in-class + off-campus, online + offline”. His vision has been expanded and his thinking is more rigorous than before.His focus on packaging technology innovation began to shift from a relatively shallow level of structure to a deeper functional packaging material design and preparation and intelligent packaging application.