Consumers’ Association: 2021 proof of rights protection difficult new energy vehicles complaints into the new hot spot

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On January 29 (Ge Cheng), the China Consumers Association released data on complaints received by the national consumers’ Association in 2021.In 2021, the National Consumers’ Association accepted a total of 1044,861 consumer complaints, among which commodity complaints were 491,040, accounting for 47.00% of the total number of complaints, and automobile and auto parts complaints were 41,624, accounting for 3.98%.Specifically, cars and auto parts ranked fourth in the overall complaint volume of goods category, up 19.28% from the same period last year.According to the Consumers’ Association of China, the complaint volume of automobiles and auto parts has increased significantly, which is related to the gradual promotion and continuous increase of new energy vehicles. In 2021, complaints related to new energy vehicles have increased significantly, and it is difficult to provide proof and protect rights.According to the statistics of China Automobile Association, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2021 will reach 3.521 million units, with a year-on-year increase of 1.6 times and a market share of 13.4%.And involving new energy vehicles continue to increase the number of complaints also triggered consumer concerns, some consumers said that although new energy vehicles save fuel, but after a period of time, some problems repeatedly appear, go to the 4S shop repeatedly bad repair, feel really regret.In 2021, with the emergence of new formats, new modes and new policies, the situation of consumer rights protection has changed greatly, and intelligent consumption has triggered new difficulties in safeguarding rights.With the rapid development of intelligent Internet technology, the automobile industry has also ushered in new changes, resulting in the emergence of complaints.Take the automatic driving function commonly equipped with new energy vehicles as an example. In order to attract the attention of consumers, many manufacturers exaggerate the functions of the automatic driving system in the promotion process, so that car owners mistakenly think that “assisted driving” = “automatic driving” in the process of use, resulting in traffic accidents.In August 2021, a NIO ES8 had a traffic accident in the Culver section of Shenzhen-Hai Expressway after the driver assistance function (NOP piloting status) was enabled, resulting in the death of the driver.Nio replied that Navigate on Pilot (NOP) assistance was not autopilot and will continue to investigate.Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Automobile, called on the media and industry bodies to unify the Chinese term for autonomous driving and suggested a unified name.Do not have any redundant Chinese characters, avoid exaggerated propaganda to cause misunderstanding of users, restrain in promotion, and invest in technology.Such a safety issue, the strictest uniformity of industry standards, do not play “edge ball”.Excessive publicity should bear the corresponding capacity responsibility and legal responsibility.Zhu Xichan, a professor at the School of Automotive Engineering of Tongji University, once said that ADAS is worthless at present, because L2 and below levels of assisted driving do not support drivers taking their hands off the steering wheel, and users will not accept such autonomous driving.The L2+ level of assisted driving is the “empty bottle, empty bottle”. Coupled with the manufacturer’s exaggerated and implied autonomous driving capability in the publicity, users’ expectations exceed the system’s capability.Excessive trust of the vehicle owners will lead to the vehicle into an unknown unsafe scene.For new energy vehicles, motor, power battery and electronic control system are called the core three parts, and the three are collectively called the three electric system.Three-power system is the core of new energy vehicles, once the failure, will lead to very serious safety problems.Motor failure will lead to power loss, and then lead to traffic accidents;Battery failure will lead to short circuit, fire and other accidents, affecting public safety;The failure of the electronic control system will cause the vehicle can not normally execute the operation instructions, which will cause serious security risks in the process of vehicle driving.According to the Data of China Consumers’ Association, in 2021, in the complaints involving new energy vehicles, the faults of the three-power system are gradually increasing.In July 2021, a consumer named Ms. Song complained to the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Commission that her electric car spontaneously combusted when charging. The consumer thought that the electric car sold by the 4S shop had quality problems and demanded compensation.Through the mediation of Lucheng District Consumer Protection Committee, both sides reached an agreement that the 4S shop should refund the purchase price of the car, and provide subsidies for the burned items in the car, as well as compensation for delayed work and mental damage.In September 2021, Mr. Zhang, a consumer in Hubei province, complained that he had spent 200,000 yuan to buy a brand of new energy vehicles, which were marketed as having a range of 510 kilometers on a single charge, but the actual range of consumers was only 300 kilometers.Consumers think there is false publicity, so the complaint for help.Through local consumer association mediation, the operator replaced the battery for consumers.At present, there are many complaints about new energy vehicles, motors and batteries. The problems focus on charging fire, the actual range and the nominal gap is too large.In the future, China Consumers association will focus on consumer complaints of the three-power system, and escort consumers to purchase and use new energy vehicles.In addition, the after-sales service system, maintenance outlets and maintenance technicians supporting new energy vehicles cannot meet the needs of high-speed growth of new energy vehicles, which affects consumers’ use experience and after-sales satisfaction.Part of the vehicle “repair is broken, repeated repair is not good” to consumers brought very poor use experience.Zhejiang province consumer protection Commission for map operators to bear responsibility in consumer association said, to solve the new energy vehicle rights protection difficult, operators have the main responsibility.At the product level, high attention should be paid to product safety, especially to strengthen data security, network security, software upgrade and functional safety of intelligent connected vehicles, strengthen risk notification and quality control of assisted driving, and ensure the personal and property safety of consumers.In terms of publicity, it is necessary to fully inform the product situation, fairly and reasonably agree the rights and responsibilities of both parties, do not exaggerate or falsely advertise, and fulfill the delivery obligations of qualified products, assume contractual responsibilities and fulfill the commitments made.In addition, automobile data is an important evidence of consumer rights protection, and consumers have the right to know, consult and obtain the original data related to themselves without tampering.On January 1, 2022, the new version of the Responsibility for Return of Household Automobile Products for Repair and Replacement (hereinafter referred to as the “Three Guarantees for Automobiles”) came into force.Compared with the old version, the new “Three Guarantees for Vehicles” in view of the widespread trend of new energy vehicles, increased a number of after-sales services related to the content.The car 3 packets of regulations in our new requires producers to domestic pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle products of power battery in the repair period, 3 packets of period of validity of capacity attenuation limit express on 3 packets of prooves, with power battery, drive motor as tied for the major parts of the family car engine, gearbox, classified into the scope of the provisions of the free replacement assembly.When the power battery, drive motor repeatedly failure and repair is not good, in the three package period will trigger the terms of return and replacement.At present, the application of artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies has brought about major changes in the consumption field. Operators should treat consumers fairly and fairly based on the principle of good faith.In view of the new field of intelligent connected vehicles, it is necessary to clarify the operator’s main responsibility, ethical requirements and code of conduct, and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers.(after)