Clivia maintenance skills

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Raise clivia well, want to know its growth habit and characteristic at least.Raise a flower new, cannot depend on oneself idea to protect, otherwise clivia orchid raises not long time.Clivia likes semi-overcast and humid environment, afraid of strong direct sunlight, the best growth temperature between 18-28℃, the reason why there is such a characteristic is inseparable from its growth environment.The best choice for water is rain, snow or running water in rivers, followed by pond water, of course, if there is no condition of tap water can also be.In addition, clivia is more drought-tolerant because of its fleshy roots, which store a certain amount of water.In the case of high temperature and dry air in summer, we must not forget to water in time.All flowering plants must be given certain light conditions to meet the requirements of photosynthesis and flowering to light, clivia naturally is no exception.If the light of Clivia is too long, too strong or long-term shade, the light is insufficient, it will affect the nutrient production and accumulation, making it difficult for clivia to flower.It’s winter now, and the temperature is low, which naturally inhibits the growth of clivia.If the temperature is below 10℃, clivia will stop growing.It has been said that clivia is suitable for growth between 18-28℃.It is best to apply base fertilizer, or base fertilizer, every two years.Of course, this should be done while changing POTS.During the growth period after changing the basin, continuous topdressing should be carried out. It is suitable for the use of cake fertilizer, fish meal, bone meal and other fertilizers. It is suggested that when fertilizing, the basin soil should be opened and applied into 2-3 cm deep soil.