Young teachers show style, observe and exchange to promote improvement

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The eighth mathematics Young Teachers teaching competition in Four primary Schools in ten thousand yearsIn this warm and beautiful day, the four primary schools ushered in the annual youth mathematics competition.The purpose of this activity is to promote mathematics teachers to renew their educational concepts, innovate teaching methods, and further improve their classroom teaching level and ability.There were a total of 19 teachers participating in this competition. They grinded textbooks and prepared courseware carefully around the theme of “cultivation and development of number sense and quantity sense”, and presented a wonderful class for us!Activities under the auspices of Director Wang Lanlan, opened the prelude!Xia Jing taught “Understanding the area”, the classroom atmosphere is active, relaxation degree!Through a smear, compare, touch, fight, count and other activities, so that the teaching difficult points in the teacher’s control of the oral, really achieved the classroom back to the students, quickly in the minds of the students to form the representation of unit quantity, thus establishing a sense of unit quantity.Chen Tingchun gave grade 2 students a preliminary understanding of fractions.Taking ancient people fishing and eating meat as an opportunity, math knowledge is integrated into the scene, which makes children interested in learning and lays a foundation for the following teaching.Then the meat is divided into two parts, through different forms of division, in-depth understanding of the concept of average points, the introduction of points naturally.The link of folding and painting makes the abstract score vivid, which not only pays attention to the cultivation of mathematical thinking, but also helps students to construct their own mathematical knowledge.Teacher Yang Yanni teaches division with remainder.The whole lecture is clean and neat, and it runs through the whole lecture in the form of a story, showing vividly why the remainder is less than the divisor with plain courseware.Each link is cleverly designed, from shallow to deep, step by step, which is conducive to students’ mathematical thinking, can quickly identify the important relationship between numbers and numbers, and cultivate a good sense of numbers.Teacher Wu Shuxia teaches “grams and kilograms”.Mathematics comes from life, applied to life, this class uses a large number of life materials, through the object of a weigh in hand, estimate, weigh, and other activities, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, cultivate the students’ sense of quantity, experience the charm of mathematics.00:08 Teacher Li Lixia is teaching “Problem Solving with Remainder ii”.The whole class order is in good order, using the form of contrast, feel the calculation method is more practical.Then let the students boldly guess, independent inquiry, promote the students’ mathematical thinking, can use numbers to express and communicate, improve the students’ ability to use mathematical knowledge to solve problems in life.Yao Caixia teacher taught the “pendulum, think about it” from the students have old knowledge into the magic of the digital table, so that students have a strong interest.Let the students operate the circular plate many times, and then observe the table to summarize the rules, which not only improves the students’ ability to operate, but also accords with the students’ self-construction of mathematical knowledge.Teacher Han Peipei teaches “The understanding of numbers within a thousand”.With the introduction and ending of “one and ten, ten and one hundred, one hundred and one thousand” of the Three character Classic, the beginning and end echo is formed.In the teaching process, the counter is fully used, permeating the idea of full ten into one, really putting the teaching difficulties into practice, thus establishing the sense of number.Pigeon Nest Problem taught by Hu Lingfang.Introduce the topic with card magic, fascinating, through guessing, verification, observation, analysis and other activities, cultivate students’ logical thinking ability.Wang Chun teacher’s “with denominator score addition, subtraction”, by folding a fold, draw a draw method not only master the method of addition and subtraction with the score, but also the cultivation of students’ mathematical thinking, so that the classroom collision out of the wisdom of the spark.The distributive law of Multiplication taught by Teacher Lu Xiaoling.Taking the meaning of multiplication as the growth point of knowledge in this class, the combination of old and new knowledge conforms to students’ cognitive development, and also cultivates students’ ability of flexible calculation of numbers and calculation rules.Teacher Huang Tingting’s “law of Addition Operation”, introduced in “morning and night”, in the observation – guess – verification – observation link, understand the use of the operation law will make our calculation easier.Teacher Rao Zeya “size comparison of numbers less than 100”, teacher Tang Meifang “plus or minus ten” and teacher Zhu Wenling “Understanding of numbers less than 100”, make full use of sticks and counters, so that the image of mathematical knowledge vivid, so that the first grade students feel the charm of mathematics, let the children initially establish a sense of number.Teacher Li Lei taught “The Meaning of Fractions”, the whole class downplayed the form, paid attention to the essence, closely linked with life, with a specific cake repeatedly emphasized unit 1, so that the teaching became relaxed and pleasant, from the sense of mathematics to establish a good sense of number.Wang Qianfu teacher’s “looking for defective products”, the teacher’s evaluation language diversity, pay attention to the language expression of students, in the collision of thinking, come to a “at least” said several times to “guarantee” to find defective products.In teacher Huang Yiling’s “Division with remainder”, the teacher guided students to draw the conclusion that remainder is bigger than divisor, so that students can experience the important connection between number and number.Mr. Rao dehu’s “Preliminary Understanding of Decimals” uses a large number of life scenarios to realize that decimals are all around us, which triggers the necessity for students to learn decimals. At the same time, it cultivates students to look at the world with mathematical eyes.”A single flower does not make a spring.Each class of the participating teachers has aroused the common thinking and communication of everyone, making the thinking of one person become the thinking of a group of people.In particular, principal Li Guoying, Principal Sun Fuzhou and Principal Wan Yanqing, who never missed a single lesson, put forward a lot of valuable and relevant suggestions and encouraged us to move on!The two-week mathematics Teaching competition for young Teachers has come to an end. The winners are as follows: First prize: Xia Jing, Chen Tingchun;Second prize: Yang Yanni, Li Lixia, Li Lei, Wu Shuxia.Class is done and the meaning is infinite, the game is stopped and thought did not do!This activity let me benefit a lot, in the future of classroom teaching to learn from others, and strive to make their classroom teaching level on a new level!(Chen Wing-fen)