Why did the weak Jin Suiyuan army defend the city so stubbornly that it took the PLA three times to capture yuncheng

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If the troops of any province were effective, people would say the Sichuan army, the Xiang Army and the GUI army, etc., but during the Period of the Republic of China, there was a warlord army that ruled Shanxi for 38 years, and this was yan Xishan’s army of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army.There are a lot of people say that the Shanxi Suiyuan army has no combat effectiveness, all say that the Shanxi Suiyuan army out of a worm into a dragon, said that the Shanxi Suiyuan army is good at guarding and not good at attacking, the Shanxi Suiyuan army to defend the city is really a set, the Northeast army has suffered the Shanxi Suiyuan army losses.Weighing 1927 and JinSui army in north China, greatly JinSui army defeat in north China was forced to withdraw, return to hometown in shanxi, but JinSui army fu zuoyi it die out occupation of zhuozhou city, this is the famous battle of zhuozhou fu zuoyi led by weighing less than 10000 JinSui army 50000 people overwhelming attack, zhang xueliang siege commander in chief,Command 50 thousand people with heavy artillery and tanks from all directions to bang zhuozhou city, Fu Zuoyi command Shanxi Army which is motionless, finally Zhang Zuolin came and even later on the aircraft and gas bombs.But these JinSui sides are useless, weighing attack in March, is firmly at the hand, zhuozhou city JinSui caused major damage to weighing, a gu city get weighing up with 50000 people for three months, but still long entrenched, zhang zuolin can only surrender fu zuoyi, finally under the authorization of yen hsi-shan zhuozhou defenders.Zhuozhou out of the city, the two sides through the negotiation, zhuozhou battle enough to prove the defense ability of the Shanxi Army.And 1937 Japanese troops into the invasion of taiyuan city in shanxi, the Japanese encountered in northeast north China almost no decent resistance, but suffered heavy casualties in the Japanese army in shanxi, shanxi is the eighth route army on the battlefield, the central army, JinSui tripartite joint operations, the Chinese army 280000 people against the Japanese 140000, resulting in shanxi taiyuan area nearly 30000 people.Taiyuan defense of the Shanxi Army is to let the Japanese suffered, although the Japanese used tanks and artillery aircraft, but the Shanxi Army fought back to throw the Japanese heavy casualties, the Japanese attack near the city of Taiyuan this more shows that the defenders and the Japanese after the fierce street fighting.The commander of the Battle of Taiyuan was Also Fu Zuoyi, which further proved the style of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army.During the liberation war, the Shanxi Suiyuan army stood on the opposite side of the people. In 1946, the Shanxi Suiyuan army attacked the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army and was beaten by Liu Shuai. After the retreat, Shanxi did not dare to come out.In 1947, under the attack of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army in our PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, the remnants of the enemy in the southwest of Shanxi fled to Yuncheng, which was hoarding a large number of military supplies. The Defenders of Yuncheng could support Fu Zuoyi and Hu Zongnan, which was a strategic location and had to liberate Yuncheng. In 1947, the Yuncheng Campaign began.In April 1947, Chen Geng, Xie Fuzhi and Wang Xinting commanded the fourth column of The Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan military region and taiyue troops to launch the Jinnan Campaign. After the major victory in May 1947, four brigades of The Chen Xie Regiment surrounded Yuncheng and began the Yuncheng Campaign.The 10th brigade of the fourth column first wiped out the defenders of the Yangtuo Temple airport, annihilated two battalions of about 1,000 defenders and won the first battle. After obtaining a large amount of materials, the PLA began to clear the periphery of the battle, and the battle was very smooth.Can attack the inner city right away, at this moment from hu tsung-nan group elite dongdu support of yuncheng Yellow River, the enemy just hope Chen xie group south support of the central military commission liu deng, against the task of yuncheng temporarily put down two dozen yuncheng in July 1947, deng, liu xie Chen after two army south road, shanxi-hebei-shandong-henan area command by xiangqian, deputy commander of unified command against yuncheng,Military area decided to the eighth column main attack Yuncheng, this time the commander in chief became a dauntlet marshal Xu Forward.Wang Xinting was ordered to lead the 23rd and 24th brigades of the eighth column, the 3rd Brigades of Luliang and the 3rd military Division of taiyue Military Region to attack Yuncheng from the east, west and north.Yuncheng city high groove depth, has plenty of firepower crossover network, and the siege of the eighth column are only a few old cannons mountain gun, no crucial artillery, can only rely on group charge, it is very fast break down two positions, yuncheng periphery just when the people’s liberation army in yuncheng assault, suddenly received intelligence, hu tsung-nan group sent four forces north crossing the Yellow River, in support of yunchengShanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan military area can only siege and aid, aid troops to fight not smooth siege troops and did not capture the inner city, after the Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan military area to discuss the temporary withdrawal of Yuncheng battlefield.In the second attack on Yuncheng, our troops were forced to withdraw from the yuncheng battlefield due to the increase of huzong in the south, and failed in the second attack.The people’s Liberation Army two dozen Yuncheng failed to succeed, aid and failed to wipe out, temporarily caused the mood fluctuations of the commanders and fighters, some people suggest that it is not suitable to attack Yuncheng now, but do not forget that the commander of the siege is the battle-experienced marshal Xu Qianqian.In December 1947, Marshal Xu Xiangqian decided to organize his troops to attack Yuncheng for the third time, allowing Wang Zhen’s second northwest column and eighth column to attack Yuncheng for the third time.Twice before attacking yuncheng, every hu tsung-nan sent troops to support the former three ago let TaiYue military command, in the wind ling crossing the Yellow River ferry, such as alerting and DaYuan, third against yuncheng, our focus on two columns, a total of 50000 dozen, December weather braved the snow, after days of peripheral position battle, futures periphery all positions, stuck in the remaining remnants of the enemy forces fled into the city,Our army besieging troops to conduct a comprehensive, general assault in front of the headquarters decided on December 25, assault, but suddenly meet in 23, intelligence, hu tsung-nan with old way with four attempts through Huang Helai for reinforcements, the enemy of the yuncheng to Xu Shuai decision must conquer yuncheng before signing the enemy coming, Xu Shuai ordered two longitudinal and eight longitudinal, in 24, respectively from the west, the north launched assault in advance.Two columns from two directions, using the ladder siege, or not smooth, and finally decided to adopt measures for tunnel blasting gap opens the gate from eighth longitudinal 23 brigade, which are responsible for this task, a loud bang Fried opened the gates of yuncheng, set two columns adowa enemy troops on the defensive, while JinSui army is good at defense, but he met is xiangqian marshal.1946 our army concentrated two liberated area troops, hundreds of thousands of people launched the Datong campaign, hundreds of thousands of people surrounded datong long attack, Yan Xishan to Chiang Kai-shek sent for help, Chiang Kai-shek let Fu Zuoyi led the troops to solve the siege of datong, our army decided to besiege for assistance.But is no direct to support datong fu zuoyi, but adopted the approach of relieve the state of zhao by besieging the state of wei, zhangjiakou region and attack JiNing threat our army, our army was forced to withdraw under the attack of troops to save JiNing, fu zuoyi solution in the end the siege of datong, datong JiNing battle is very complex and controversial, although JinSui army is good, but in front of justice and power, everything is Tony,In 1949, Marshal Xu Qianqian conquered Taiyuan and wiped out the Garrison troops of the Shanxi Suiyuan Army.In 1949, the Northeast Field Army entered the pass and peacefully liberated Peiping, and the Shanxi Suiyuan Army disappeared from then on.