What are the Internet, the fulfillment and lack of corporate social responsibility?

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Since China’s full access to the Internet, the local Internet continues to grow with the economic strength, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, big data, blockchain, electronic payment, new retail, such as a spark of fire, the rise of Internet enterprises are in the momentum of prairie fire.In the process of development, Internet enterprises realize the importance of social responsibility and take the initiative to assume social responsibility, making a lot of contributions to the society.But there is no lack of free ride events, deposit refund events, 996, 007 caused by the sudden death of employees and other frequently exposed in recent years, forcing China’s Internet enterprises to accelerate the pace of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.I. Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility refers to that in the process of enterprise production and operation, enterprises should not only undertake the internal corporate social responsibility including shareholders, employees and consumers, but also fulfill the external corporate social responsibility including government, community and environment.So whether to fulfill corporate social responsibility has become a difficult problem in front of enterprises.Milton Friedman, a famous economist, once said that corporate social responsibility is simply to increase profits, and additional investment will reduce the increase in profits.However, the rise of the corporate social responsibility movement in Europe in the 1980s led to a new understanding that customers began to pay attention not only to the quality of products, but also to the investment in the environment, employee health and labor security.In the 1990s, the concept of corporate social responsibility entered Our country, and people’s understanding of it has become increasingly clear. At present, China’s company Law has expressly stipulated that companies engaged in business activities must abide by laws and regulations, abide by the code of ethics, consciously accept supervision, and assume social responsibility.With the support of national preferential policies and the help of artificial intelligence, big data and other information technologies, As the mainstream builders of today’s economic development, China’s Internet enterprises have maintained a strong momentum of growth, increasing investment in RESEARCH and development, rapid change of business model, and increasing income-generating capacity.In the process of booming development, more and more Internet enterprises realize the importance of fulfilling social responsibility for sustainable development and take the initiative to join the ranks of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.Internet enterprises promote the growth of the digital economy, and the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility is not only conducive to the growth of enterprises, but also promote the prosperity of social development. It is the general trend of The Times for enterprises to assume social responsibility.During outbreaks, Internet companies quickly responded to an appeal by the state, enterprises have accumulated donation of 3.939 billion yuan, give full play to its advantages of science and technology, in the short term quickly mobilizing resources for a line of medical development of efficient and convenient Internet application APP, for a particular period of the people to provide rich and colorful Internet online service, with strength of science and technology power epidemic prevention and control,Played a positive role during the epidemic.In contrast, there are still many Internet enterprises do not actively undertake corporate social responsibility.”2019 China Internet Corporate Social Responsibility Research Report” a complete evaluation of the current situation of China’s Internet corporate social responsibility, the report pointed out that from the average score of the social responsibility of various Internet industries, the score gap between industries is large.Fake goods, illegal operation, malicious competition between enterprises and other problems have attracted public attention;The problem of practicing qualification seriously affects the public’s acceptance of Internet medical and health services;Network education industry, excessive marketing, false publicity, teaching quality is not qualified, customer service lost contact and other problems emerge in the field of education.In addition, violations of user privacy caused by improper use of data can be found everywhere, and user information disclosure has become a hot topic of the highest concern, while vulgar and negative content still has a serious negative impact.It is a long way to improve the overall responsibility consciousness of Internet enterprises.The birth of Internet enterprises has brought new business models and unique Internet products, thus changing the trend of business development and ushering in new development.In the process of development, many Internet enterprises gradually realize the importance of social responsibility and actively participate in the process of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.In 2008, Tencent, the leading Internet company, took the lead in releasing the first social responsibility report of Chinese Internet enterprises.Subsequently, large-scale Internet enterprises also began to pay attention to and join the team to actively fulfill corporate social responsibility.Fourteen companies, mainly Internet companies, formed the “Sunshine Integrity Alliance” in 2017, aiming to create an honest and pure business environment.It can be seen that the implementation of social responsibility of Internet enterprises is put on the agenda.At present, China’s Internet enterprises perform better in undertaking external corporate social responsibility.1. In terms of environmental responsibility after the material conditions are met, people begin to pay attention to environmental protection.Internet enterprises are different from traditional industries in that they attach importance to services rather than assets in the process of operation and generally do not cause environmental pollution.However, many Internet enterprises actively respond to national policies and use Internet technologies and platforms to actively participate in advocating green and practicing environmental protection, which has aroused people’s positive response and joined in the protection action.We are most familiar with Alipay’s “Ant Forest”, which collects energy through walking, online and offline payments, and accumulates enough energy to gain the right to plant real trees in your name.2. In terms of social responsibility, in essence, running an enterprise well is the core of undertaking social responsibility, that is, the business value of an enterprise is the most powerful value it gives to the society.In recent years, China’s Internet companies have been commendable. They have actively engaged in poverty alleviation and are concerned about people’s livelihood, surpassing their original commercial value.Platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou sell products from their hometown through livestreaming, thus opening sales channels to help poor households earn income and get rid of poverty together with consumers across the country.By combining the characteristics of its business development with poverty alleviation, we have achieved a win-win situation with double harvests.In addition, with the support of scientific and technological innovation, Internet companies continue to implement public welfare responsibilities, and a large number of innovative products have emerged.As the leader of Internet enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility, Tencent has actively studied the healthy Internet access solutions for minors, conducted real-name registration for minors, and set up “play restrictions, limited charging, curfew”.Also specifically for children to avoid supervision, the problem of using parental identity information to increase investment in research and development, expand the application field of face recognition technology, in the game login and payment link launched face recognition verification procedures, in order to screen suspected minor users.In the practice of social responsibility, many Internet enterprises actively assume corporate social responsibility outside the circle, helping to fight poverty, practicing environmental protection, and guiding social welfare. We are gratified by the increasing awareness of responsibility.However, frequent exposure of the Internet enterprise malignant events can not help but let a person care-laden.According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published “China corporate social responsibility report” and the Chinese Internet association, 2019 (the sixth) corporate social responsibility on the BBS and open Internet “China’s Internet industry social responsibility report (2018-2019)”, it can be seen that the Internet enterprise existing problems: one is the overall score is low.Internet companies ranked second from the bottom of the list of 20 industries, far behind traditional industries such as banking, electricity and automobiles.Second, the performance of the large-scale top 100 Internet enterprises in fulfilling their social responsibilities is obviously better than that of small and medium-sized enterprises.Among the 120 Internet enterprises included in the statistical range, only a few leading enterprises, such as Tencent, Ali, Meituan and Kuaishou, can have CSR columns and corporate social responsibility reports. The rest of the small and medium-sized enterprises from the waist and tail are not equipped with corresponding devices.Third, there is a big gap in cognition of social responsibility issues.Internet leading enterprises have done enough public welfare activities, so the public left a good impression of social responsibility, but the actual data is not so.This is because public welfare is only one item in the corporate social responsibility evaluation system, which also includes employees, upstream and downstream suppliers and consumers.And in assuming these inner corporate social responsibility, Internet enterprises often do not reach the designated position.1. In terms of shareholder responsibility, many small and medium shareholders of Internet enterprises invest in the form of technology and lack relevant professional knowledge of enterprise management. The real control of the enterprise is in the hands of a few major shareholders, and the small and medium shareholders only passively accept business decisions.In addition, because Internet enterprises have different business models from traditional fields and attach more importance to information security, they often lack timeliness and integrity of information provided to minority shareholders, and their right to know is limited to a certain extent.In recent years, 996, 007 and other work systems have triggered a wide debate in the society, pushing some well-known Internet enterprises to the cusp of public opinion.Overtime seems to be an “invisible” culture in Internet companies.In order to avoid legal liability, most Internet enterprises usually do not force employees to implement the “996” work system, but show it through the disguised encouragement and alienation of the cultural atmosphere of the leadership, such as “others are working overtime, I can not do without overtime”, “I did not work overtime yesterday, and was not motivated by the leadership talk” and so on.In addition, in fact, the performance appraisal and salary level of some Internet enterprises are related to the overtime hours and performance of employees to a certain extent, and employees do not have much right to make their own choices.Because the overtime compensation system is not perfect, resulting in excessive pressure of employees, there is the idea of suicide.What’s more, unreasonable working hours sacrifice employees’ rest time, resulting in sudden death of employees.3. In terms of supplier responsibility, due to the diversified product types of Internet enterprises, the products involved are scattered in various departments, and enterprises lack a unified supplier management system, leading to great differences in the maturity of supplier management of different departments.In addition, due to the weak management of enterprise information system and data foundation, and low information transparency, some platforms create “two or one” monopoly, forcing suppliers to take sides, which seriously affects the free choice of merchants and undermines fair competition in the market.4. In terms of customer and consumer responsibility, enterprises have the consciousness to keep user data confidential. However, Internet enterprises often obtain personal information by using real-name registration of users, and this seemingly compliant behavior inadvertently causes many privacy disclosure problems.Such as Ctrip security payment loopholes lead to user credit card information leakage.Unreasonable access to information violates the principle of open, honest and transparent market transactions and violates individual privacy.What’s more, hackers tend to attack enterprises with a large amount of customer information. As a result, the information will be illegally resold due to the leakage of user data, resulting in network fraud and financial loss.At the same time, uncertain product quality also affects the interests of consumers.With the gradual diversification of consumption platforms provided by Internet enterprises, such as Wechat business, daigou, Pinduoduo, Kuaishou, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Weibo and so on.Frequent price promotions, attractive coupons, and the functional lure of online celebrity livestreams make consumers cut their hands to pieces, and also give some shanzhai inferior products a reasonable hiding place.But consumers buy back the product is not satisfactory, or choose to suffer silently, or choose to complain.However, after complaints, the goods are repackaged and reappeared in front of consumers, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between real and fake goods.Although the national anti-counterfeiting supervision is intensified, the fakes rate of mainstream e-commerce platforms has decreased, but the fake rate of non-mainstream online shopping website platforms is still high.In addition, some Internet enterprises lack a strict internal control system, fail to review and test the qualifications and character defects of new employees, and fail to establish a strict employee training system, which leads to frequent incidents endangering consumer safety. Two consecutive vicious rape and murder cases of Didi Taxi are the biggest warning.Conclusion Internet enterprises in China should take the initiative to play an important role in leading social construction, play the role of vertical connection and horizontal connection, break the circle, and actively assume corporate social responsibility.Efforts should be made to raise awareness of responsibility, standardize enterprise management, and create a good cyberspace environment to serve the overall national development.Disclaimer: if the content of the article involves the content of the works, copyright pictures or other problems, please contact the author within 30 days, if the reflection is true, we will delete the responsibility of the article at the first time.This article is for reference only and does not constitute any investment or application advice.