Take an examination of a class to build division certificate what use does it have?What about the future?Is it worth it?

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In recent years, there are more and more people registering for a construction division. Many friends who are ready to sign up for a construction division will ask, what is the use of taking an examination of a construction division?Is it worth it?The following is a small series of details to share with you, let’s see.Many candidates who take the first-class construction engineer certificate are mostly because they can serve as the project manager with the first-class construction engineer certificate. The annual salary of the project manager is generally 400,000 to 500,000 yuan.If it is just entering the industry, there is no ability to serve as a project manager of the first level of construction division can reach 10,000-20000 monthly salary.2. If you can successfully pass the first-class construction engineer exam, you will have the opportunity to appreciate and drive up your salary.First of all, when you have a certificate of this stepping-stone, when applying for a job, you will have the capital to talk about treatment with employers, talk about positions;In addition, the first-class construction engineer certificate is the key to obtain the intermediate professional title, and the priority for promotion and salary increase.3, can enjoy the integral settlement of the first-class construction certificate of personnel, can enjoy the integral settlement bonus welfare projects, to help easily get urban residence green card.Also can apply for individual tax special additional deduction.4, to improve their core competitiveness to the registered first-class construction engineer is a promotion of self-value, but also can make themselves more valuable!Earning level construction engineer certificate is the precondition of as a project manager, the constructor is refers to is engaged in the construction of our country project general contracting and construction management key positions and professional and technical personnel, engaged in engineering construction, the construction unit work now, want to increase their own competitiveness, the company internal want to develop toward the project manager, construction engineer certificate is necessary premise.5, the employment prospects are bright, and will get better and better grade 1 construction division is a kind of construction occupation qualification examination, is the necessary certificate for the job, the construction division not only should have the theoretical level, but also should have rich practical experience and strong organizational ability of compound personnel.The first-class construction engineer has broad development direction and rich income return.After being hired as a registered construction engineer, a construction engineer may, in the name of a construction engineer, serve as the project manager of a construction project and be engaged in the management of other construction activities.At present, construction division industry talent shortage.To obtain the first-class construction engineer qualification certificate, you can find an ideal job in the construction industry and realize your value!