In-flight “temporary delivery room” nurses help deliver babies on the plane

2022-07-21 0 By

Chengdu, February 17 (Xinhua) — Dong Xiaohong”I will not hesitate to use my medical knowledge to help others, as long as they are safe.”Speaking of the recent “shocking moment”, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital hepatobiliary surgery ward nurse Liu Yuan bluntly “this is what medical staff should do”.On the evening of February 14, a female passenger on Hainan Airlines flight HU7303 from Sanya to Chengdu suddenly burst her amniotic fluid and was about to give birth.In an emergency, Liu Yuan and crew members on the plane together, ten thousand meters high with a blanket to build a “temporary delivery room,” to help female passengers give birth smoothly.Through the joint efforts of everyone, the baby was born safely, and there were waves of applause in the cabin.About 40 minutes after the flight took off, I heard an announcement asking for a doctor or nurse.Liu recalled that when she went there, she found it was a young pregnant woman who had given birth prematurely and was in critical condition.”The pregnant woman had a painful expression on her face and was moaning loudly as her water had broken.”Liu Yuan quickly let her lie down to prevent the sheep from flowing more.The time is urgent, the pregnant woman must deliver now!Liu Yuan immediately organized the crew to build a “temporary delivery room” with blankets.The flight attendant found her a pair of clean, sterile rubber gloves, which she immediately put on before examining the uterine orifice of the premature woman.”At that time the palace mouth was almost open, already felt the fetal head.”Liu Yuan said.After getting ready to deliver the baby, Liu began to help the woman position herself, adjust her breathing and massage her to reduce the pain of delivery.With everyone’s help, the baby was born soon.”I quickly cleaned up the amniotic fluid, patted the baby and cried, which means the baby can breathe on its own.”Liu said everyone was relieved that the baby was born smoothly.Liu immediately clamped the umbilical cord with the cord clip in her first-aid bag and waited for follow-up treatment after she got off the plane.Later, she made sure that the woman was not bleeding and was relieved.After the plane landed in an emergency, ground rescuers quickly cut the umbilical cord with scissors, and the mother and child were also sent to the hospital.Both mother and baby are doing well.