‘I want to see you again!To achieve the old man’s deathbed wish, everyone joined forces to create this meeting

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This is the day dog owners dread the most…John, a 69-year-old ex-soldier, had no children all his life, leaving him ill and unattended.His only companion is a dog he brought home six years ago.When he knew his days were numbered and he could no longer care for his dog, he took him to a shelter.He moved into a local nursing home.However, in the old man’s life, less than a month left.He said his last wish was to see his dog again…The carer was moved to help him contact the shelter where the dog was staying.Unexpectedly, the people over there were happy to help, too.Then the next day, he brought the dog back…On the day of the reunion, the dog ran excitedly to his master, whom he had been longing for for a long time.And then to the master is kissing and licking, like gummy, dead stick in the master side.Apart from going to the bathroom to eat, he barely got away from his master.So they spent the whole day together.Thanks to both sides of the staff to help the elderly to complete the wish.Give them a brief moment of happiness again, so that these two can say goodbye to each other.And xiaobian also saw the news, although the old man left, but fortunately, the dog has also found a new home.Once again there are willing to love him, to help the old man to continue this eternal love.Speaking of separation, it seems that everyone began to become sad, began to escape…But refusing to face it doesn’t stop nature from taking its course.Face it and create the most value in your limited time.Wouldn’t it be nice to have no regrets?