Hand-painted reveal, BYD Seal, the most beautiful BYD electric car

2022-07-21 0 By

Welcome to hand-painted Car. I’m Jia Liang. Today we continue to reveal the long-awaited BYD Seal sedan.First of all, the seal will use the Ocean-X concept car design language to target mid-size sports cars. Besides, Jialiang also heard that the new car’s headlights are quite sharp and distinctive.So today, we around these points, for you to reveal the details of this BYD SEAL model.On exterior, contrast already spy shine to a map, can see, new car big lamp group will use such modelling sharp horn modelling, up and down thin narrow split type lamp group, have attack force extremely.The lower part of the lamp group is connected to the exaggerated air inlet on both sides, making the front face look more sharp. Such avant-garde design is absolutely unique in the car, which makes people never forget.Since this is a pure electric car, the closed front hood gives it a more streamlined turning design. With sharp lights on both sides, the front looks like a starship, which is quite sci-fi.As the nose of THE seal is relatively long, two groups of streamline matching depth and light are specially designed on the front cover to strengthen the nose dive posture. In any case, the nose design of BYD Seal illustrates the aesthetic expression of science fiction and sports.No one would argue with me if I said this is the next most beautiful BYD sedan.The side of the body is still relatively long, the body length reached 4770mm, the wheelbase 2900mm, no problem medium-sized car.The cable-tail design, this program did not change, still keep our hand-drawn effect prediction before.The minimalist rear decoration, with the knot element taillight group, is very delicate, and has a high recognition, is also the design language of ocean models.Although the interior has not been revealed, but it is not difficult to guess that THE design of BYD, inevitably not big screen, coupled with the popular trend of minimalist style, the new car is also very likely to use this silver gray color interior, simple atmosphere.What we can confirm mechanically is that the new car is based on BYD E platform 3.0. It will have a front dual-arm suspension and a blade battery pack with a maximum range of 600km, providing a two-drive or four-drive model with an acceleration of about three seconds to 100km.With a price tag of around 200,000 yuan, the BYD Seal has a strong competitive edge and is expected to be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April.So from this point of view, BYD Seal, should be able to become the most expected this year a pure electric car, I am Jialiang, add a concern, we see you next time.