German Masters final Yan Bingtao zhao Xintong staged the Chinese Derby

2022-07-21 0 By

China’s Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao played Walton and Allen respectively in the semifinals of the German Masters 2022 last night.The first is zhao Xintong and Walton match.Zhao heart tong continue attack-minded style, is a variety of offensive, but failed to keep the previous a few sharp accuracy, long offensive success rate is not high, and on the round ball failed to grasp the opportunity, mistakes continuously, the first two innings of prospective Walton firmly seize the opportunity, quickly behind 2-0, the third Zhao Gongzi attack has settled down with a shot 78 points to pull into a 2-1,But zhao’s error in the fourth set cost him a crucial chase and left him 3-1 down by two games going into the break.The fifth game, Zhao Xintong attack did not improve, in everyone thought zhao childe was about to crash, Walton in a series of 60 points, in the key to hit the super points of the ball fatal error, Zhao childe this was a dream, firmly accept the gift sent by the other party, the score was rewrote into 2 to 3.May is the fifth deadly mistake, Luke Walton in the next game like a different person, all kinds of mistakes, and zhao heart child born days, although there is no play very fluent offense, but compared to the first half on the offensive has great improvement, one rod broken by two shots of 50 + and continued with her sixth seventh eighth, ninth,Zhao xintong won five straight sets to advance to the final.In the other semi-final in the wee hours of the morning, Yan Bingtao took on the fat Allen in what should have been a duel of contradiction and shield, but it wasn’t.The first frame was smoothly attacked by Allen, who won by 75 points.But from the second game on, the match moved into Yan’s rhythm, and with Allen’s frequent error-making gifts, the two teams held on to the lead in the first four games despite Yan’s lack of form.Fifth sixth Allen has not hit state, Allen’s big mistake was YanBingTao firmly seize the opportunity, will always take their 4-2, seventh, although Allen hit single rod break of 104 points, but in the eighth inning and habitual error, again behind YanBingTao two innings, since although Allen in the seesaw battle to recover ninth inning,However, a fatal mistake in the 10th game was overturned by Yan to lose the match 4-6, giving Yan and Zhao a victory meeting at the German Masters.Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao will play a Chinese Derby in the final of this Year’s German Masters. It is the first time in nine years that two Chinese players will compete in a ranking final in snooker.The last time ding junhui met Xiao Guodong in the final of the Shanghai Masters in 2013, the same year ding faced Marco Fu in the final of the Chengdu National Championship. Since then, no Chinese player has played in the final in nine years.Nine years in a ranking event final again on the two Chinese players, and this time no ding junhui, but two and 00 after 90 teenager, it is of very important significance to the development of Chinese snooker, ding junhui after talent echelon butt up slowly, and no longer carrying a banner, ding junhui lonely in the future the sport in China will be able to get a bigger development.