“Attention” provincial ethnic and religious committee (bureau) director (director) meeting held in Rong

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On February 16, the provincial Ethnic and religious Committee (bureau) director (director) meeting was held in Chengdu.The meeting conveyed the spirit of the National United Front Ministers’ Meeting, the National Committee of Ethnic Affairs Directors’ Meeting and the provincial United Front Ministers’ meeting, summarized the work in 2021 and deployed the tasks in 2022.Zhang Fuguo, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee and party Secretary of the Provincial Ethnic and Religious Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech, while Su Garbu, director of the provincial Ethnic and religious Committee chaired the meeting.Conference pointed out that in the past year, the province’s ethnic and religious resolutely implement the central and provincial party committee’s decision-making deployed around the center, the service general situation, overcome difficult, work diligently, ethnic and religious field normalized epidemic prevention and control work earnestly, in-depth implementation of demonstrative project of national unity and progress, to promote the development of the rural revitalization and economic society in national regions,We have actively guided the religious circles in Our province to adhere to the orientation of Chinese religion, strengthened the administration of ethnic and religious affairs in accordance with the law, made new progress and achieved new results in various work, and effectively maintained the harmony and stability of ethnic and religious areas in the province.The meeting stressed that the year 2022, the year of the 20th tenth CPC National Congress and the 12th Provincial Party Congress, is the first year to fully implement the plans of the Central and provincial Ethnic Work Conferences and the national and provincial religious work conferences. It is of special significance to do a good job in ethnic and religious work this year.The entire province national religious system be firm to xi jinping, the new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement xi general secretary’s important thoughts on strengthening and improving the national work and important discourse about religious work, fully implement the central, provincial party committee about the ethnic and religious work decision deployment, strengthen the political leading and legal norms,We will focus on important and difficult issues in the field of ethnic and religious affairs and promote high-quality development of ethnic affairs in the new era with a focus on forging a strong sense of community among the Chinese nation.We will adhere to the orientation of adapting Religions to The Chinese context and do a solid job in religious work in the new era.We will continue to govern ethnic and religious affairs in accordance with the law and comprehensively modernize our system and capacity for governance.We will establish a sound working mechanism to guard against and defuse major risks and hidden dangers in the field of ethnic and religious affairs.Problem-oriented efforts have been made to ensure regular epidemic prevention and control and fire safety at religious venues.To strengthen the construction of the cadre ability and the attitude, and constantly improve the role and conscientious ability and level, continue to create a new situation ethnic harmony, religious heshun, for shu xing chuan to a new level, capture the comprehensive construction socialism modernization contribution strength, sichuan new victory to excellent result to meet the party’s big and 20 provinces held the 12th congress of victory.The meeting also held the national ethnic unity and progress demonstration area demonstration unit, the province ethnic unity and progress demonstration area demonstration unit, the province cast solid Chinese ethnic community consciousness education base awarding ceremony.Leaders of ethnic and religious departments in Chengdu, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Nanchong, Bazhong and Aba made speeches respectively.