Maqin County Dongdinggou township women’s federation, health centers and county maternal and child health center to carry out screening activities for women of appropriate age

2022-07-20 0 By

In order to further enhance the majority of women’s self-protection awareness, recently, Ma Qin County East Ditch township women’s federation, health centers united county maternal and child health care hospital to carry out age-appropriate women “two cancer” free screening activities.In order to ensure the smooth development of the screening work, the east ditch township women’s federation, health centers using billboards, brochures, banners and other forms of extensive publicity.Members of the “Ten Hua” Party Construction health evaluation group cooperate with health centers to do a good job in physical examination registration and on-site order maintenance.The medical staff carefully conducted screening and routine gynecological examinations for the women, explained in detail the knowledge of women’s health and patiently answered their questions. At the same time, they set up health records for the women so that they could better follow up their work in the future.Through this activity, early detection, early diagnosis, early prevention and early treatment have been achieved, and women’s health has been guaranteed.It has effectively raised women’s awareness of the prevention of birth defects and screening for cancer and cancer, and made them more conscious and active in attending free pre-marital and pregnancy check-ups.