Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying officially announced their divorce, and the six couples at their wedding also parted ways

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At 13:00 on January 28, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying both released a statement announcing their divorce: “We are grateful for all we have in the past, but we are still family in the future.”They both know each other, and the studio’s statements are exactly the same that they will share custody of the baby.It’s amazing how their 6-year marriage has come to an end. Wow!Especially when the 15 years they collected “century wedding” almost the entire entertainment stars, have students group, headed by zhao wei and they worked with drama and movie Huang Bo, jingboran, NiNi, shu qi, sing a song, wu jun, and many other actors star, and the bosses the business community, plus entertainment industry bosses, fashionable circle celebrities, music wit…More than 2,000 guests went there alone.The scene is grand, are the sea of flowers.Wedding car, wedding banquet are customized, baby’s diamond ring on the hand is worth tens of millions.Their wedding was described at the time as the “wedding of the century”.The eight couples who attended their wedding also ended their marriages, both short and long.The first pair of Li Xiang King Yuelun.On November 30, 2011, Wang announced in a post on social media that he had ended his 12-year marriage in July, a day after he was photographed having an intimate date with a woman.Look back at their participation in “Dad, Where are We Going” when the sweet, is it “set”?The second pair, Wang Baoqiang, Ma Rong.In 2015, Wang baoqiang and Ma Rong even attended Huang Xiaoming’s wedding. The following year, their marriage went into trouble. Wang baoqiang’s statement shocked the entertainment circle, and Ma Rong’s “posing” was even more shocking.The third couple, Li Xiaolu jia Nailang and his wife.The couple also appeared on the show as a “loving couple”, showing no signs of marital change.But, 19 years li Xiaolu kiss PGONE photo leak, also let this pair of 9 years of marriage husband and wife part company.The fourth couple, Jane Zhang and His wife.In 2009, Zhang founded a company with her boyfriend, Feng Ke, and zhang became a signed artist. Feng Proposed to Zhang during a concert in her hometown of Chengdu. Later, they held a wedding ceremony in Italy, with many of their close friends present to congratulate them.Two years later, the relationship ended.The fifth pair is Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya.14 years two people in “happy camp” held Chinese wedding, ya ya is tears shed, Tong Liya parents two tears flower, asked ya ya to endure Chen Sicheng.They have a cute baby together.But on May 20, 21, the couple officially announced their divorce.The sixth pair of Wang Xiaofei big S.This is a crossover duo, wang xiaofei moved to Taiwan for S.On the program for many times to indulge the pet wife, S is for us to show the “peeling shrimp” theory, although we see the program feel S a little “for”, but Wang Xiaofei did not complain.Earlier Taiwanese media reported that the couple was in the process of divorcing, but the couple refused to comment.Hsu then issued a statement announcing the end of their marriage.These six couples, like Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying, used to be a loving couple, but now they go their separate ways. They are also the people who witnessed their “wedding of the century”.Hope Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming are well!