Finally understand why the Golden State Warriors lost to the SUNS, read the analysis, feel the empathy

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Finally understand why golden State lost to phoenix, read the analysis and feel the same way.Hot netizens pointed out that: today lost clay body, a wave cast, and finally no foul ball.Klay’s usage rate should be lower than Poole’s and Wiggins’s, and if he has to dribble and shoot, can’t he just be a spot-up shooter?Clay is attacking, he can’t get in;Defensively, he couldn’t hold it. If it wasn’t for Klay, this game would have been pretty much won.Cole is also a talent and the last substitution was no words.If you don’t make a klay shot, people will say you’re getting used to your shooting. Now you’re tied and you’re shooting from the 3-point line, and you’re dribbling across the court.And Kerr, the rotation of players one game at a time, and not playing one game, that’s a real problem, and then the team has a problem, everybody knows what the problem is?But do not say, began to muddle along.Klay can’t play the same game as Kyrie, kyrie dribbles better than Klay, klay catches and shoots better, nets Joha likes to drive.Klay is now a drag on the Warriors. He is not as good as he was before the injury, and his ball quotient is also down. If the ball is not in good shape in a game, at least he can control his shot or create opportunities and give the good attack more.Kerr also used Klay in this way, the Warriors this season, but also affect the defensive mentality of other role players.One foul from Klay, one turnover from Green, all the effort is gone. You expect that kind of Klay green to play in the playoffs?Get ready for the play-offs.A team aiming to win a championship has two guys in the starting lineup who can’t combine for more than 10 points in a normal long run.Does the team just let them go on like this?Kerr coaching does have problems, the spurs and SUNS execution is good to see, the Warriors at the end of the game never have any tactics, today more ridiculous, 5 seconds left circle shot, for Lillard and Curry would not dare to do so.Why doesn’t Draymond end up handing the ball over, you have to deal with it every time, the question is do you have offense?Why don’t you pass the ball to Pu ‘er? The more you look at it, the more angry you get!Right now Green is not making any offense, the Warriors can’t even drive and draw a foul, how many games have the Warriors lost at the end of the game, Kerr and the Warriors are a few blocks behind the SUNS.Trade Green for a similar inside player. When Steph comes back, I don’t think he’s worse than Green, but green’s offensive is really bad right now.The last minute is green, Clay!If he can’t shoot from the free throw line, how can anyone else play?It would have been up to the star to do it by himself, green didn’t have the ability to draw any tactics and just open up for Pu ‘er or anyone else.Green’s defense is ok, just can’t stop being the center in the clutch, it’s up to the stars to solve the problem, green doesn’t have that ability.The green ball playing good defense, the last problem is the clay ball singles for several times, I was a bit stupid clay where after an injury to the mystery of self-confidence, so like to play, the ball low efficiency and poor, booker can not foul you confident of this fan is too hurt the team really, clay and more without the ball.In the end, there was nothing wrong with the shot. Phoenix and Poole got to him quickly, and Poole knew he was going to foul early, so he tried to draw a three-point foul, but he missed.In fact, warriors fans do not need to say that their team has many vegetables, less star status, ups and downs, win against the heat, and the SUNS are also very tough, otherwise it would not be a long time in the no. 1 ranking.Paul and the other veterans brought Booker and Ayton back. Paul had to be there for the tough fight.But without Curry, the Warriors are still very strong, the SUNS ‘biggest and toughest team in the West.The SUNS want to win a title this year, and it will be hard for Ayton to keep playing like this.Hope to make it through the playoffs and wind yourself up in time.Klay is really breaking the rhythm on the court right now, a total side effect, a guy with the ball in his hand, how many times.Poole played so well that he didn’t look for him in the end, and his tactics were all for Clay. He really couldn’t get into the investment bank, and his blood pressure was really high. Pu ‘er estimated that he was also very chill.Klay’s return was a big factor in the Warriors’ fall from first or second place in the league.Klay is now positioned as a spot-up shooter, and his usage rate should be below Poole and Wiggins.The Warriors’ big three didn’t help much with one on the sideline and two on the floor.Poole’s final attack was actually expected to be a double-shot foul, so that even if the penalty time had gone back, puer would have had little chance to serve in the back court, but the problem was that the timing was too early.Thank you for your attention to me all the time. Thank you for your company on the way of creation. I will continue to come on!