Extended heating!Hebei 1 city latest notice

2022-07-20 0 By

People’s governments of all counties and districts, management committees of all administrative districts, management committees of economic development districts, heat source enterprises and heating enterprises in main urban areas:According to the forecast of the municipal meteorological Observatory, the highest outdoor temperature in Zhangjiakou city from April 1 to April 5 is generally around 10℃.But the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, in order to ensure the quality of life of residents, with the agreement of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the decision qiaodong, Qiaoxi, Xuanhua, Xiahuayuan, Wanquan and The Open area in this heating season on the basis of the original heating period, extend the heating time for 5 days, that is, 24 o ‘clock on April 5.Other counties can determine the actual situation of the heating time.All counties and districts shall conscientiously organize and arrange the heating security work within their jurisdiction, and the heating enterprises shall do a good job of linking up with the heat source enterprises to ensure the safety and stability of the delayed heating period and the quality of heating reaches the standard.In the heating period without safe, stable, continuous, quality and quantity of heating or arbitrarily stop heating, will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions, at the same time, to develop the relevant heating equipment maintenance plan after the end of heating as soon as possible, for the next season of heating work to lay a good foundation.Zhangjiakou city management committee office on March 28, 2022 source | zhangjiakou