Yang Li: There is a kind of happiness called “I didn’t make much money this year”

2022-07-19 0 By

Yang Li (first from left) and her best friend on New Year’s Eve today, an article titled “I have a kind of happiness, called” I didn’t earn much this year “in the circle of friends has attracted attention, and netizens have praised it!Her name is Yang Li, is a gentle and virtuous lady, after 1985 she is cheerful and straightforward.Speaking of Yang Li, she has achieved a lot from being a supermarket employee to running her own wine studio.Yang Li has her own goal in life and never does anything blindly.Last year, she invested in a hot pot food store, but gave up due to the epidemic.Although she lost all her savings over the years, Yang Li is optimistic and a beautiful woman full of positive energy…In public welfare, Yang Li actively participates in social activities to help people in need. At present, Yang Li has become a Chinese volunteer for organ donation.In 2022, Yang Li also has her own New Year’s resolution, hoping to continue to do well in her wine studio. Let’s cheer for her!Looking back on the year of 2021, all the efforts made in the store investment have gone to nothing, and the relatively stable wine business is also not optimistic in a cliff-like fashion. Normally, I should feel a little depressed and frustrated, but in fact, there is not only no, but also a kind of unspeakable steadfast and content…. You and I are ordinary people, have no ability to also can’t afford to bear the surging ahead, buck and the limelight and price, appropriate to lie flat, easily drift, leave some fine with staying power and the vigor to live well, zeng guofan has said that to avoid giuly thing for, the fight for land not to, if everyone is losing money, can you make a big also is not necessarily a good thing.In the trend of decline in an industry that is struggling hard, again also is just slow down a little slippery, water is spilled waxing is deficient, business or life, is so ups and downs is very normal, bad times is less difficult to family, less difficult for partners, less trouble friends, don’t trouble yourself, for us and not alone, everyone is not easy, have tried my best,Look at the end of the year, we are healthy, the sun shines, years of quiet good, this should be the most successful end of the year…(Begonia) Editor: Yu Han