The children were ceremoniously welcomed back to school

2022-07-19 0 By

It is the new semester season again, and the primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) in Chuanshan district greet the arrival of the new semester in their own unique ways.”Give you a little red flower, open in your new branches yesterday, reward you have the courage to leave mom and dad’s arms, into the warm home of beichen small courtyard…”On February 17, teachers at Beichen Street Kindergarten made flowers for each child to welcome them back to school and wish them healthy and happy growth in the New Year.In yongxing town kindergarten, the children into the “long lost” kindergarten, happily across a “blessing fence”, and mom and dad together make a wish for the new semester, wish the children in the new semester happy, smart, peace.Float in the sky, cinnabar wisdom.The principal mother of the first kindergarten in Chuanshan District “dot cinnabar” for the children, enlighten them with wisdom, and send them good wishes and hope for the new semester.The teachers and students of Nanjin Experimental Primary School reviewed the happy holiday together, and shared the joy from the hot fun such as Spring Festival Gala, women’s football, New Year’s Eve movies, harvested growth, encouraged each other, adjusted the mentality before starting.Full of ritual, dream set sail again.I believe that the children will be more full of enthusiasm, open the new semester of learning life, huhu Shengwei Qi dream, full of vitality to the future.Boonshan media reporter bukai pictures provided by boonshan Education bureau