On the first day of work after the Holiday, maoli Town of Bozhou District carries out voluntary tree-planting activities

2022-07-19 0 By

On February 7, just after the Spring Festival holiday, Maoli Town of Bozhou District organized cadres and workers to carry out voluntary afforestation activities on the piaoshan Mountain of Jinshan Village.Just after the start of spring, it was freezing and snow could still be seen on distant hilltops.But the cold weather did not affect everyone’s enthusiasm for planting trees, the cadres themselves formed two groups, one swinging hoe, one planting seedlings, technical ecological forest rangers and agricultural instructors also from time to time to guide everyone, teach planting experience, soon, rows of saplings will set down roots in the soil.In addition, there are many party members, pioneers, retired soldiers and emergency militia who take the initiative to wear volunteer clothing and put the Party flag in the volunteer service line. The blue sky, white clouds, clear water, green mountains and the red party flag constitute a beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.”To carry out this activity is an effective demonstration of our town’s active implementation of the concept of ‘green water and green mountains’. Next, we will closely focus on the decision and deployment of the superior, strengthen ecological governance and protection, and unswervingly walk a new road of green development and ecological priority.”Maoli town deputy party secretary, mayor Chen Yongxu said.More than 120 people participated in the voluntary afforestation activity, with an investment of more than 12,000 yuan. Five groups were assigned the task, planting an area of about 25 mu and planting more than 2800 Chinese fir trees.Correspondent Li Yanyu editor Jiang Hongfei editor Chen Fuqiang